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If you're looking forrnthe #1 Best Electrician in San Antonio TX, then you've come to the right place.rnPDI Service group is a family run electrical contractors business. We work withrnour clients to discuss their vision and needs to turn their conceptual designrninto reality. Our journeyman are local electricians who help residentialrnhomeowners with all of their house wiring, installation, troubleshooting, andrnrepair needs. We are also some of the highest rated commercial electricians inrnTexas. Marcelo Orta, our master electrician, can help businesses with newrnconstruction, renovation, installation, and repair. We are also licensedrnindustrial electricians and we can do anything from home electrical, likernrewire a house, low voltage, and ceiling fan installation, to massive highrnvoltage project that require new lines to be installed underground. We are thernbest in the industry, with some of the highest 5 Star Rating in the market, andrnwe're eager to hear all about your project. Give us a call--Today! We lookrnforward to hearing from you.

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