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“Grow your Image – Grow your leads”

“Grow your Image – Grow your leads” is the motto of New York Capital Local SEO. Let us take care of your online presence so you can tend to your business.  Many owners make the mistake of thinking that they can handle all aspects of their business, but the successful business person delegates tasks to service providers that have his best interest in mind.

We are a local company so we have a vested interest in seeing our local economy thrive.  We offer personal business services that you can’t get from the Big Guys.  We can also tailor service packages to fit every budget and we cover social media and social media marketing. We even have a proprietary Facebook funnel for our real estate clients.

We specialize in business lead generation, after all isn’t that you want—more people ringing your phone and paying you money for your service? As a local SEO company, we have tools to help manage those leads in an efficient manner.  Remember, you may have the biggest, fanciest, website Google has ever seen, but if it does not get you leads it’s worthless.

You can be assured that if you follow our tips and recommendations for website improvement you will see an increase your online referral traffic. We provide each client with a free SEO checklist that indicates the strengths and weaknesses of the site when compared to their top competitor.  Then we personalize a plan to take it to the next level. We can go as fast or slow as you need, based on your monthly advertising and marketing budget.

If you rely heavily on monetizing email or contact leads, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can “make turning those leads into cash quicker than you would ever believe.  If you are just getting started or have just been too busy to get that website up and going, ask us about web design built just for you. Call us to day or visit our website and start growing your business today.

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