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 4 Reasons WHY Filipinos RNs should NOT fear the NCLEX-RN

4 Reasons WHY Filipinos RNs should NOT fear the NCLEX-RN

Date : 2019-10-22

The NCLEX-RN is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) that measures a nurse’s knowledge as an entry level RN in the clinical setting.\r\nRead more at http://snip.ly/58oasi
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After the NCLEX: 48 hours of torture

After the NCLEX: 48 hours of torture

Date : 2019-11-13

After taking my NCLEX in July, I thought I would feel relieved, but to my surprise, I wasn’t. Waiting the 48 hours for the unofficial quick results was absolutely torturous. Falling asleep at night was nearly impossible.

Read More -> https://snip.ly/rlkzlq

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I wanna share my story:nclex-pn

I wanna share my story:nclex-pn

Date : 2019-11-13

First before i begin my story i want to give glory to our dear Lord Jesus Christ for not giving up on me,he\'s been there with me.Without you Lord Jesus my life is nothing.

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NCLEX Success Stories

Date : 2019-11-13

Graduating from nursing school is a huge accomplishment – congratulations! The next challenge to having the nursing career you’re dreaming of is passing the NCLEX test.

Read More -> https://snip.ly/9iaivz

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Reality: NCLEX Never Expires

Reality: NCLEX Never Expires

Date : 2019-11-13

The PassportUSA team receives numerous inquiries daily about expiring NCLEX results.

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This Nursing Journey

This Nursing Journey

Date : 2019-11-13

Welcome! My name is Amber Statham, and I’m a registered nurse at a local hospital in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) from Texas Woman’s University in December of 2014.

Read More -> https://snip.ly/elika1

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Date : 2019-11-13

To God be the glory! My personal tips and success story towards passing the NCLEX-RN under the State of Texas.

 Read More -> https://snip.ly/hqp17b

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NCLEX Examination Services and Benefits

NCLEX Examination Services and Benefits

Date : 2019-12-12

We have processed thousands of applications online.

We facilitate your Eligibility, Credentials Service (CES/CVS) and Visa Screen Applicationregistering with NCLEX and exam scheduling ONLINE, regardless wherever you reside or work.


  • NCLEX RN/PN USA Exam Application
  • US RN/PN Endorsement
  • US RN/PN Renewal
  • NCLEX-RN/PN Review
  • English Exam Assistance and Review
  • Criminal Background Check Assistance
  • Nurse Credentialing
  • NCLEX Registration and Scheduling


  • Consultancy on getting licensed and choosing the right country and state
  • Find out what states you qualify to get licensed
  • Avoid mistakes, delays and financial losses due mistakes
  • Fast, safe and hassle-free processing with complete piece of mind
  • Experts prepare your application
  • Experts follow-up on your behalf in case a problem arises
  • No ordering and waiting for FBI fingerprint card
  • Focus on review not application preparation
  • Up to date information for exam requirements
  • Risk-Free international exam fee transfers
  • Easy Follow ups to our application managers.
  • Dedicated log in to look up your progress

Main Processing Center:

Mailing Address:

Attn: NCLEX Application Department
Healthforce Employment Services
513 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Livingston, NJ 07309
Tel: +1 201 222-7720

Drop Off Partner Centers

Jersey City, NJ
658 Newark Avenue,
Jersey City, NJ 07306

North Jersey, NJ
81 N. Washington Avenue,
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

New York
2nd flr. 224-15A Union Turnpike,
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

Philippines (Mailing and Drop Off)

Healthforce Philippines
ATU Plaza Building, Governor Duterte Street,
Poblacion District, Davao City,
Philippines​ 8000

Application Hotlines: 

USA and other countries: 1-201-2227720 / 1-201-2227723 Ext 403  

Philippine toll free: 1-800-11160922

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NCLEX Examination FAQs

NCLEX Examination FAQs

Date : 2019-12-12

Frequently asked questions about NCLEX application:

1. Can I have my NCLEX application processed by your company?

  • Yes. We can facilitate your Eligibility, Credentials Service (CES/CVS) and Visa Screen Application, registering with NCLEX and exam scheduling ONLINE, regardless wherever you reside or work. We have processed thousands of applications online. We can also facilitate your U.S. License Endorsement and/or Renewal ONLINE. You will be assigned to our NCLEX manager and will be guided in every step of the application. All online accounts, paper applications and correspondences from all organizations and companies involved with your application will be handled by us. We are a USA based company, and all applications are followed up directly with CGFNS, Nursing Board and Pearson Vue.

2. How much is the processing fee?

  • Our processing fee is $255. This is a one time payment that covers our assistance from the start of your application until you schedule for your NCLEX exam. Our processing fee does not include the fees for CGFNS, Fingerprinting Agency, Nursing Board and Pearson Vue. Our processing fee also does not cover the fees required for requesting your documents from your nursing school, licensing authority, and mailing fees.

3. What are the the requirements in order to receive eligibility and sit for the NCLEX exam?

  • The licensure requirements in each US state vary. Although, most states require an evaluation of your credentials through the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) for foreign-educated nurse applicants (graduated outside the United States). Credentialing service under CGFNS would require you to request certain documents from your nursing school and license validation from your licensing authority where you hold a RN license to be mailed to CGFNS.
  • Some states also require an English Language Proficiency Exam and/or a Criminal Background Check by submitting fingerprint cards. General requirements would be your secondary school diploma, nursing diploma, valid passport and Social Security Number information, if available. In order to assist you accordingly, kindly indicate the state you wish to be licensed in so that we can give you the specific requirements and fees for that state.

4. Is there an age limit for taking the NCLEX?

  • There is no age limit for taking the NCLEX although some states will only let you take the NCLEX by examination if you have graduated within the past 2 or 4 years.

5. Do I need to have work experience in order to take the NCLEX?

  • Some states require work experience and some do not. Kindly inform us of your desired state so we can check if work experience is required.

6. I am currently residing in a different country. Will you still be able to assist me?

  • Yes. Although there are a few tasks for your CGFNS credentialing that needed to be done and is not covered by our processing fee. You would need to accomplish this in the country where you obtained your nursing degree.

7. How will I know which state I should apply to?

  • If you have a desired state, let us know and we will inform you of the flowchart of the fees and requirements.

8. What are your payment methods?

  • We accept money order, bank transfer (USA and Philippines), Bank direct deposit (USA and Philippines), and/or PayPal payment. All details of payment information and bank accounts will be emailed to you in more detailed instructions.

9. How much will it cost me to take the NCLEX?

  • NCLEX application will usually range from $1,100-$1,400. This includes our processing fee, CGFNS, fingerprint fee, State Board Application, Pearson Vue and all other organizations involved.

10. Do we have to pay everything all at once?

  • No. Once your NCLEX manager has given you the flowchart and fees for the specific state you wish to apply, you will see the required fees for each step of the application. Your NCLEX manager will inform you once you are ready to proceed to the next step and when fees are due to proceed with your application.

11. How long is the processing time for NCLEX?

  • Processing time varies from state to state. Although most states will roughly take around 4-8 months to receive eligibility. Your compliance with the requirements and task instructed by your NCLEX manager could also influence the processing time of your application.

12. What will happen if I fail my exam?

  • The next course of action once you fail your exam will also depend on the state’s requirements for re-examination. Some states require you to wait for a 45-90 day period before you can apply to re-take your examination. Some states has a maximum of times that the applicant can take the NCLEX. Re-examination fees will definitely be requested by your NCLEX manager

13. What are your other services aside from licensure by examination?

  • We also offer processing services for US-RN license endorsement, renewal, Visa Screen and Certification Program.


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NCLEX Process

NCLEX Process

Date : 2019-12-19


  1. Submit an application for licensure/registration to the board of nursing/regulatory body where you wish to be licensed/registered. For complete application eligibility process you can start your application here.
  2. Meet all of the board of nursing’s/regulatory body’s eligibility requirements to take the NCLEX Examination.
  3. Register and pay for the NCLEX examination with Pearson VUE.
  4. Receive eligibility from your Board of Nursing/Regulatory Body.


Once you have been made eligible and received your ATT, you may schedule your examination by selecting either Sign in or Register from the menu. You must test within the validity dates of your ATT. These validity dates cannot be extended for any reason. Appointments may be made up to one business day in advance.

Change Board/Body Test Type or Exam Language

Please be advised when selecting a Board of Nursing/Regulatory Body for licensure/registration to make the appropriate choice. Requests to change the Board of Nursing/Regulatory Body must be made through customer service and will result in a $50 fee. In addition, any requests to change an examination type will result in a $50 change fee. Finally, any requests to change the examination language type will also result in a $50 change fee.

Testing Internationally

Candidates who would like to test internationally are required to pay an international scheduling fee of $150 plus a Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable. Candidates may schedule online and pay the fee. In order to make any adjustments to already scheduled international appointments, you must contact Pearson VUE’s customer service for assistance.

We provide you all the forms you need. 

Submit your application form today!

Submit application form Today. Download, Print and Mail/email  info@nclexexamination.com or Apply Online.  Once submitted one of our Account specialists will contact you to advance with the process.
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When to Take the NCLEX-RN Exam

When to Take the NCLEX-RN Exam

Date : 2020-05-21

How soon after graduation you take the NCLEX-RN exam is up to you, with some caveats. Some eager-beaver types want to take the test 14 minutes after graduation, while others are still dragging their feet 14 months from graduation. Each state has its own rules — of course! — about how long after graduation you need to wait before taking the test, but most states require you to wait 45 days.\r\n\r\nRead the full article → https://snip.ly/nco0c3
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Failed the NCLEX? Now What?

Failed the NCLEX? Now What?

Date : 2020-05-21

Nurses who’ve failed their boards on the first attempt — as well as nursing experts — explain that it takes commitment, perseverance, humility, and grace to overcome this hurdle. A shocking number of new graduates fail their boards on the first attempt, but it’s rarely discussed.\r\n\r\nRead the full article → https://snip.ly/ew5wzj
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