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My Beautiful Boudoir is UK’s top sexy photography studio based in Leicester, Midlands. We provide you with the finest Boudoir photographer and highly skilled makeover team with 10+ experience in the glamour photography field. We cater towards both men and women of all ages and ensure that all our customers are treated with high professionalism at all times.

We give all our customers the freedom to express themselves in any style of photoshoot they wish. We encourage our customers to embrace their differences and own their individual styles. Our sexy photo shoot studio is very versatile and can be adapted to various themes and settings; all in the hands of our highly talented Boudoir Photographer. As our valued customer, all you are required to do is to be yourself, express your ideas to us and trust our team. With an excellent track record of exceptional service, we are more than capable of executing all your demands/request with perfection.

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