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We know that every case is different for every defendant. We are proud to deliver results that are tailored specifically for each individual. We give hands on legal advice and representation to every person seeking our help. We engage in expert investigation of the case, spend quality time finding evidence, and analyzealldata that the client provides us with to get the best possible solutions to their case. Domestic Violence. If this crime has been committed, the case can quickly escalate and get much worse than most people expect. Cases that deal with parental custody and divorces also present substantial challenges for the defendants. Drug Charges. Drug charges are some of the most difficult and challenging cases to handle in the courtroom, primarily because of the fact that drug laws are widely known for having the strictest and most severe consequences. In addition, you can be charged either in Local or Federal court, which makes this process even more complicated as a result. A qualified attorney is a required necessity in these cases, because he or she will be able to approach the courtroom in order to work hard towards obtaining the best possible solution on behalf of the client. Weapons Possession. Any time that a person is caught in possession of illegal weapons (including guns and knives), these incidents may lead to severe criminal accusations that exist within the federal and local courts. There are many different technicalities that an attorney can find that may be able to help you to win your case. For example, if the weapons were found illegally (such as without probable cause or a search warrant), our client will have the right to request an official hearing that is focused specifically on the legality (or lack thereof) of that search.

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