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Mill City Church is a Fort Collins, CO-based home of worship rooted in the Christian faith and following the teachings of Jesus. With two convenient locations (Old Town and South Fort Collins), Mill City Church offers a fresh perspective and a modern approach to its members. Led by Senior Pastor, Aaron Stern, Mill City Church centers around Jesus, the Bible, and also relationships. The church offers multiple “City Groups” that concentrate on myriad topics and that meet in various locations (homes, the church, coffee shops, etc.) Additionally, other groups are offered including the new Alpha discussion group, Rise Night (Middle and High Schoolers), College Night, and special events. The church welcomes people of all backgrounds.

A “Jesus Church,” a church to call home, a convenient location, and a fresh perspective on traditional teachings are what Mill City Church offers to its attendees and members. With a belief that relationships are key to thriving in the world, Mill City Church has an extensive list of “City Groups,” small groups centered around multiple focus areas and which meet in various locations throughout the city. These specialized groups are designed to allow for quality discussions and connections; the church also sponsors Alpha nights (new in 2019) to discuss the Christian faith, Rise Night for Middle and High Schoolers, College Night, and other special events. With two Fort Collins, CO locations (Old Town and South Fort Collins), Mill City Church is committed to providing a warm, friendly, and welcoming space for people of all backgrounds who wish to connect with others around the teachings of Jesus Christ. Mill City Church is currently led by Senior Pastor, Aaron Stern.

Hour : Sunday : 8:30am - 12:00pm

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