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3 Ways to Find Suitable Freight Flatbed Trucking Services

3 Ways to Find Suitable Freight Flatbed Trucking Services

Date : 2019-01-18

Did you know that not all flatbed trucking services are the same? In addition to relying on different types of trucks, flatbed freight trucking companies provide unique services and prices. Even the experience and expertise of the drivers vary from one source to the next. As someone interested in hiring one of the flatbed trucking companies in your area, it is essential that you know where to go to find the best.

Fortunately, you have a minimum of three viable options. Save yourself time, money, and resources by starting with the recommendations provided below.

1.Internet – Without question, you can find an abundance of information on different flatbed freight trucking companies by researching online. However, it is critical that you pay attention to specific details. As an example, any company of interest should have a physical address listed. Without one, you have no idea if the company is even legitimate. Also, verify the company maintains all required licensing and insurance, has a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau and industry-related organizations, and keeps all information posted transparent. After all, anyone can say anything online, but that does not necessarily make it true.

 2.FMCSA – You can visit the Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s (FMCSA) website as well. There, you can look up different companies to learn about their safety records, licensing, registration, and so on. This site also provides a wealth of information on flatbed trucking services, such as the types of trucks permitted, weight restrictions, and more.

3.Networking – Another excellent way to separate good flatbed trucking companies from those with less-than-stellar ratings is through networking. That means talking to people you trust about which company they use and why. For instance, if you have a business that delivers cars to dealerships, more than likely you have a lot of connections. Even when in competition, someone will gladly share information with you as to the company they depend on for delivery.

As part of your search for the top-rated flatbed trucking companies, make sure those on your short list offer some specific things. As an example, you want to hire a company with experience. That is not saying a start-up business would do a bad job, just that one with history will do better. Whatever company you hire should also have talented drivers who take the work seriously.

In addition, look at the safety and on-time records of the flatbed freight trucking companies you are considering. Obviously, you want to do business with a company that delivers goods on time as agreed. After all, depending on your type of business and the cargo you need to ship, a delay could prove costly.

MGA International Logistics has proudly served customers for a long time with excellent service and affordable rates. For your upcoming need, contact us to discuss how we can assist.

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Importance of Flatbed Transportation Carriers in Modern Day Business

Importance of Flatbed Transportation Carriers in Modern Day Business

Date : 2020-02-28

Although flatbed companies still provide the same type of services as they did years ago, the best flatbed transportation carriers have made several necessary changes to accommodate the demands of today’s customer. More than ever before, these carriers play an important role in moving freight from one location to another.

Because of the freight that customers have transported, flatbed transportation carriers have a much broader reach. As an example, modern trucks are stronger and larger. Because of that, they are capable of hauling bigger and heavier airplane parts, construction materials, tractors and farming equipment, shipping containers, and even military machinery efficiently and safely.

The design of many of the newer flatbed trucks includes extra safety features that allow drivers to secure loads better by using additional chains and straps. Especially when transporting large and expensive equipment such as machinery utilized by the military, it is essential to provide customers with peace of mind. The best flatbed transportation carriers consider all transported freight important. They understand that today’s customers want and expect improved security throughout the entire transportation process.

The flatbed trucks now used also offer a smoother ride. Not only does this aid the driver by eliminating physical fatigue, but it also keeps freight from jostling around or slipping. For things like construction materials, which includes lumber, drywall, pipes, beams, and more, which can be challenging to secure, a smooth ride is imperative. In addition to preventing the freight from moving around during transport, it prevents damage caused by materials rubbing together.

There are even improved hoists and other equipment used to load and unload freight. With older flatbed trucks, built-in devices were not available. That meant that drivers were at the mercy of third parties to arrive on schedule and get loads positioned securely. Because today’s drivers have extensive training and years of experience with loading and unloading equipment, they can have their flatbed trucks ready for transport faster.

MGA International Logistics is a premier company that offers a host of solutions, including flatbed trucking. You can learn about our full line of services by visiting our website, or for more information, contact us by phone. For almost 15 years, we have provided our customers with exceptional service. We take immense pride in everything that we do and stand behind the services that we provide.

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