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Date : 2020-10-07

Lighting can have an impact on an apartment complex\'s appearance, both from the inside and outside. It also contributes to its success and positive reputation. Therefore, all the aspects, including wiring and types of lights, should be efficiently planned well in advance with a professional electrician\'s help to ensure that every area in the apartment complex has sufficient and security-enhancing illumination. The lighting options have grown exponentially in recent years, and only when hitting the market will you realize the wealth of options available in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs. Cleverly planning the apartment complex lighting, whether big or small, will brighten it and make it look more spacious, attractive, and functional. Poor or inadequate lighting creates an unsafe environment and discourages new tenants from moving in or old ones to renew their leases. 

Here is a small guide on some of the best apartment complex lighting ideas.

The positioning and the types of light fixtures installed in spaces like garages, laundry rooms, lifts, entrances, stairways, swimming pools, and storage areas need proper attention, and considerations and too much and too little lighting can defeat the purpose. The lights selected for open areas prone to dirt, dust, and humidity should be dustproof and waterproof. Consider ceiling lights (can also be used on walls) for lighting hallways and stairways. Spotlights and floodlights with appropriate lighting levels can be used for more vulnerable places like the entrance, garden, and other specific areas to ensure safety and security. For lifts or garages, use LED tubes and panels that last long and have color temperatures best suited for the area. Put up emergency light fixtures strategically throughout the apartment complex, especially in the exit areas like stairs, hallways, and pathways with exit signs for avoiding panic and easy identification during a blackout. Installing regular or waterproof emergency lights is advisable in apartment complexes.

While planning for exterior lighting, it is essential to keep in mind that the fixtures will have to brave different weather elements like wind, rain, heat, dust, and snow that can affect its life and efficiency. Don\'t go for cheaper fixtures; invest in quality lighting. To avoid electricity waste and use the lights only when required, sensor lighting instead of fixed-output lighting makes a perfect choice. Using different types of sensor lights can lead to significant energy savings. 

There are several advantages to choosing LED light fixtures for apartment complexes. They are environmentally-friendly and non-polluting and offer significant annual energy savings as they are highly energy-efficient.  LEDs also have a longer lifespan and can be easily custom-designed for entrances, parking areas, and staircases. These lights do not get heated, consuming all the energy they produce. 

No two apartment complexes are the same, and all of them have different requirements. Developing an efficient lighting system that balances between the complex\'s aesthetic appearance and safety is essential. Hiring a professional and experienced electrician can work great for strategically planning the lighting of the apartment complex.

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