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High Welfare Sheep Housing | Cheviot | McGregor Agri

Date : 2024-01-01


At 9.0 metres wide the Cheviot is a formidable building, built to perform in the demanding agricultural environment. Available in a range of lengths, the modular construction allows the building to be supplied to house between 150 to 400 sheep housingmaking the Cheviot an ideal alternative to the permanent steel shed.

An adaptable internal environment; sheep can be housed loose for maximum capacity or penned either side of a central 3-metre drive passage for efficient management of the space and flock.

Creating the perfect environment for lambing and in-wintering, the Cheviot is well ventilated, light and airy. The white polythene roof sheet creates a cool environment, providing a dry building throughout the winter months. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while delivering the perfect space to manage flocks, increase productivity and provide shelter.

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High Welfare Livestock Housing | Agri Span | McGregor Agri

High Welfare Livestock Housing | Agri Span | McGregor Agri

Date : 2024-01-15


A modern building that will transform your farm

Going beyond traditional housing, Agri Span™ is defined by its flexibility and set apart by its construction, features and how it is deployed. The adaptable space creates purposeful livestock housing and a utility shelter for every day.

We support modern farming, enabling agricultural businesses to deliver high quality, high value produce. Agri Span™ is simple to deploy and easy to manage, allowing businesses to adapt and thrive in changing markets.

Healthy Environment

Ideal for rearing livestock, the Agri Span™ creates the perfect natural environment, filled with diffused light and fresh air. Healthy airflow provided by the stack effect creates clean air with low moisture content.

Agri Span™ is designed for flexibility, allowing you to manage changing stocking densities. The open environment delivers a platform for loose housing and penning, creating the perfect space for animal management and welfare.

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Poultry Housing | Agile 4250 Mobile Layer | McGregor Agri

Poultry Housing | Agile 4250 Mobile Layer | McGregor Agri

Date : 2024-02-18


Mobile poultry housing for small commercial flocks, the Agile layer house provides the very best environment for the production of free-range and organic eggs. Housing  627 free-range chickens or 415 organic chickens, the Agile layer house is fully mobile and can be easily towed to fresh pasture with minimum effort.

Providing exceptional insulation and superior durability, the Agile poultry house is the ideal building for keeping a happy flock disease-free while protecting against variable temperatures. A fully optimised design and material specification creates the perfect environment for egg production, with an internal environment that is easily maintained and highly resistant to bird waste – making it easy to keep clean and disinfect.

We work closely with leading internal equipment providers who can supply feeders, drinkers, nest boxes, and egg collection systems for our buildings.

The Agile poultry housing is supplied with a suspended slatted floor, making up 50% to 66% of the floor area (dependent on flock type) – adhering to freedom food guidelines. This raised floor is formed of interlocking plastic tiles fitted into a grid of supporting steel beams. Manually operated pop-holes are evenly distributed across both sides of the building with a provision of 600 chickens per pop-hole, giving controlled access to the range.

Personnel access is provided by a single door at the front and rear of the building. The building is fully mobile and can easily be towed between laying cycles with minimum effort. Constructed with two galvanised skids that run the length of the structure. Supplied with a detachable tow bar for towing from either end.

Sold and dispatched with a full installation manual, this building can be self-installed by a capable team, however, we recommend customers consider using a dedicated installer for their building. This building is packed and dispatched as a palletised kit and can be distributed worldwide.
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