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Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

Date : 2019-11-15


Translators certified under ATA, are usually capable of translating accurately even for complex tasks. However, there are a few challenges that are commonly faced by major certificate translation services irrespective of the context. Some of the common issues with translating certificates include the following:

Grammatical problems:

The process of divorce and marriage certificate translation may look similar in its form, but there are contextual differences. If a divorce certificate translation is required from Chinese to English, then chances are high to get trouble in translating nouns to pronouns or vice versa.

Similarly, if certificate translation services focus on working for a rare language, then the hardest part is to understand the nuances and dialect. Since the language is also rare, there are challenges such as text getting expanded in the target result.

● Lexical-semantic issues:

Having sufficient resources such as dictionaries, terminology guides, and glossaries can reduce the effects of semantic and lexical problems. However, certain documents such as a diploma certificate have a lot of key terms that are to be translated. So, the challenge here is to take careful account of the:

👍                Terminology alternatives

👍                Contextual synonyms and antonyms

👍                Semantic gaps

👍                Neologisms

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Degree translation services

Degree translation services

Date : 2019-11-15

Anything You Need to Know About Degree Translation

Degree translation services are kind of translation in which students who are opting to study abroad are seeking it. This is due to the reason that degree translation services are the primary and most necessary steps in the process of student admission. Generally, the degree certificate of all students is always in the form of their native tongue. However, sometimes, it is written in the language that is officially spoken in his country of residency.

In case, the students are transferring from their native land to a foreign one, degree translation services of certificates are highly in need. The degree certificates should be converted into the language legitimately spoken in the country of destination. Basically, the purpose of this action is for the recognition of the student’s academic records. That’s why degree translation services are one best way to follow in this kind of situation.

Generally, degree translation services entail various purposes for seeking its service. The purposes of opting for degree translation services are as follows:

·         Translation of degree certificate helps student during school admission in foreign country

·         Degree certificate translation guides students for the purpose of school transfer from one country to another

·         Degree translation services aid student upon application

All these purposes demand for degree translation services. However, it is very necessary to give much care in doing the process of degree translation services. Keep in mind that translation of a single incorrect word may result to a highly indifferent meaning for students seeking the service.

Definition of certified translation of degree certificate


This process of degree certificate translation involves not only the correct translation but also contains an authenticated stamp from the authorized officer-in-charge. Meaning, aside from the translation of the degree certificate, it should also be certified in order to abolish treacherous action. Furthermore, this kind of degree translation services involves about 12 to 15 days turnaround time for all translation companies. However, the service can be quickened for less than 2 to 5 days period with an extra charge for a fast translation process.


It is highly advisable to seek for the degree translation services in advance prior to preparing your documents for sending. Remember that the translation process will take much time to completely finish it with accuracy. Moreover, there are various translation companies that also provide degree translation services via online. In case, you choose to have this kind of translation service, you must have to send the copy of the degree certificate to them either through email, via regular mail or by means of courier.


In addition to this, the translation service for degree certificate may also inquire some information from you. One of which is the kind of credential evaluation that you are requiring for the translation of your certificate. In giving this kind of information, make sure that you deliver it in clear cut. Brood over that opting for the inaccurate evaluation credential will end you up for just two things. Either it will provide your goal or will take your money wasted.

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