Manntechrnis a brand which has become synonymous with pioneering advancementsrnin building maintenance systems over the last 60 years and, with thernlongest history of any provider in the industry, is recognised as therndesign and engineering force behind many of the building accessrnsystems which have become common fixtures today on building acrossrnthe world. With such a wealth of experience and expertise inrnproviding building maintenance unit services, Manntech’s reliablernGerman engineered systems are found on more rooftops than any otherrncompanies and many are still performing flawlessly decades afterrninstallation. Beyond this proud history, Manntech uphold and continuerna culture of constant innovation and development in buildingrnmaintenance systems which is still driving the industry forward.

Ourrncustom building maintenance unit solutions are exclusively developedrnto meet the requirements of specific architectural challengesrnpresented by the most complex and iconic structures around the world.rnThe design and engineering of our custom-built building maintenancernsolutions are tailored to the requirements of each unique complexrnarchictectural structure. The facade access solution must oftenrnmatch the vision and innovation of the boldest architects in order tornpreserve the design aesthetic within the technical parameters, andrnalso meet all the practical access requirements for the upkeep andrnmaintenance of the building. rn

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