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Saving Space, Time & Resources

Making Life Digital will scan your documents so you can be rid of all the paper. We want to help you save expensive lease space in your business. Businesses can save time and money so they can focus on income-generating tasks instead. Your employees will become more efficient with keyword searches, and out-of-office employees will have access to the info when they remote in. Let us make your business a better running and efficient workplace. Businesses in particular need to focus their time and energy on their core business activities instead of wasting employee's time on paper. Most small business employees are too busy to add scanning to their job list, and if they can get the scanning done, the digital file becomes lost in the system without proper naming and organization. The all-in-one photocopier with scanning settings applied is not the ideal machine since it is slow to scan, and then no one else can use the device.

We will help you save time so you can focus on your life and kids. The time commitment to scan all of those precious memories can be huge since most economical photo scanners only scan 1-4 items simultaneously, with one scan taking an average of 26 seconds and up to 2 minutes and 19 seconds depending on quality settings. It is recommended for long-term archival purposes to use a flatbed scanner for things like photos, so you are not disappointed in the quality in the future. We want to give you security by having all of your precious memories digital if something ever happens to the photos or items. Special memories, mementos, and photos are left in boxes since we don't have the room to display everything. You can also inherit countless items from loved ones. Let Making Life Digital save you the time and headache it takes to scan those precious memories so you can be guaranteed to pass them to the next generation.

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