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Liberalex brand is a line of sexuality empowerment scents that was created to provide women with an additional opportunity to emphasieze their unique sexuality and uncover various shades of sensuality existent in each and every woman.

We aspire to provide you with the means to create personal comfort and confidence, to find your sense of self through a personal experience.

We at Liberalex understand the delicate balance of the senses required to achieve freedom in the most intimate moments of our lives. This is why we created a range of intimate and sensuous products that enhance your own sensuality – the way you crave intimacy.

Our products are unique combination of high quality ingredients, including vitamins, natural extracts and oils, gently enfolded in fresh, lush, sensual fragrances. All our intimate products are suitable for use on the most delicate skin. They do not contain silicon, SLES and SLS, salts, parabens or mineral oils.

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