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Jaclyn Jones:- “I founded Jaclyn Jones USA to tackle the notion that excellent style requires a sacrifice in comfort. In an industry vastly dominated by male owners and designers, it’s no wonder that most luxury shoes are so uncomfortable - they were designed by people who never have to wear them! Instead, I design shoes for women (like myself) who love the thrill of finding daring, head-turning pieces that will actually be worn.”
Our shoes are cut, stitched, carved and completed entirely by hand in our own boutique factory in Los Angeles, California. Owning our factory helps us ensure that the standards and values upheld by our brand are also carried out by each person handling our shoes. From start to finish, you can be sure that our shoes exemplify ethical production practices and the highest quality possible. Majority of our artisans have become experts in their craft over the course of 15-20 years and truly take pride in their creations.
As a female-led brand, we understand what the right pair of shoes does for a woman’s confidence. My inspiring team of women rallies behind our mission to create footwear that is both stunning and wearable by utilizing materials and technologies best suited for comfort. The women on our team conduct extensive wear-tests to ensure our JJUSA women are looking and feeling their best in our shoes.
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