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Looking forrna gateway to sustainable, mobile transportation? Inboard Skate is the websiternyou’re looking for! Behind the company is a team of enthusiasts that are allrnabout skating who wish to impart knowledge and experience to readers from allrnaround the globe.Making the transition from cars to skateboards, scooters, andrnhoverboards is not as easy as it seems — and so is the decision of settling forrna device to use. Through Inboard Skate, you can find important informationrnevery aspiring skating enthusiast and scooter head should know, as well asrnreviews of the top boards that are on the market. Which specs matter the mostrnto your travel? Are certain features worth the extra price? We will break downrnevery product for the sake of selecting the best gear in every situation.Arnyoung site, Inboard Skate aims to eventually be the authoritative voice forrninternational gear heads. You can trust that our honest and thorough reviews,rnbuyer’s guides, and opinion pieces, are born out of our members’ passion forrnriding. Our small team from Louisiana also wants to create an online communityrnout of Inboard Skate, where skaters can gather for meaningful discourse andrnform connections.

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