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Strata Consultants are the independent body corporate management companies
Established in 2014, Strata Consultants are the independent, no-cost body corporate brokers in Melbourne. Our highly-experienced body corporate consultants help to connect our clients with the professional, service-driven body corporate companies in Melbourne and avoid costly mistakes of dealing with the others. We offer our client’s with the no-cost strata consulting services as our body corporate management company covers our costs.

How Our Strata Specialists Help Our Clients?
Change Body Corporate Managers
Change Strata Management
Body Corporate Management Services
Melbourne Owners Corporation Services
Owners Corporation Management
Change Owners corporation
Strata title management

We act as a trusted advisor to strata-titled buildings and help committees and owners to save time and money when they’re looking to change to a new strata management services. Our expertise takes the guesswork out and we help our client find the best body corporate service in Melbourne. We ensure that everything is done in accordance with the law. 

We aim to make it easy for strata committees. Our panel of qualified & approved managers give access to the best owners corporation management companies in Melbourne. To discuss requirements with our strata expert, get in touch with us today.

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