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Awesome vibe, friendly staff and good beer (harajuku girl is a must try) whatrnmore can you ask for in a bar.
According to legend,rnthis brew was crafted with fruit from Elysian, a realm of deities. The potionrnrendered the drinker indestructible in battle. Even with illness, thisrnfantastic ale is said to cure any sickness. If thought worthy enough, a soldierrnkilled in battle could be brought back to life using this libation.


The primary purpose of beer, however, is tornbestow immortality and invincibility upon the gods. Served at the grandest ofrnfeast, all those sipping the heady elixir were granted immortality as well asrneternal youth. As an ode to beer's European lore we brewed this ambrosia,rnnectar, elixir of life... otherwise known as Angel's Gold.

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787 Broadway St San Antonio
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