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Guchen was founded in 1998. Guchen entered the field of R&D of large and medium-sized passenger bus air conditioners in 2003, and entered the field of R&D and manufacturing of automotive refrigeration core components in 2005. It is an enterprise group with coordinated development of multiple industries and the core of R&D and manufacturing of transportation refrigeration systems and components. It is also the most experienced brand in the field of passenger bus air-conditioning in China. At present, Guchen Group has invested more than 500 million in the manufacturing sector, and it owns three companies including Guchen bus air conditioners, Guchen transport refrigeration units, and Guchen EAC. Today's Guchen Group has built the industry's first-class R&D, quality assurance, delivery and service capabilities, and the group, diversified and international development strategy has been smoothly advanced. Guchen has advanced from the Chinese market to the global market, and is committed to becoming a medal for the national brand to stand proudly on the international stage. Guchen will adhere to the long-term commitment to technology and product leadership, and is determined to be a century-old national brand in the transportation refrigeration industry.

We are the world's leading manufacturer of Bus Air Conditioner and Truck Refrigeration Units. With over 30 years of experience, our products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. High quality air conditioning units, ideal for bus and truck use.
We manufacture and export wide range of Bus Air Conditioner, Truck Refrigeration Units, Truck Ac, Scania Truck Air Conditioner and Bus Ac.
Air Conditioning of Refrigeration is a leading manufacturer of bus air conditioner kits and truck refrigeration units. We provide OEM parts at affordable prices.
The Selectline range of Bus and Truck Refrigeration Units are the highest quality on the market. They mix and match perfectly with our emission control, engine accessories and engine cooling systems to create an integrated solution.

For every bus operator, reliable HVAC solutions come with a peace of mind. A reliable bus HVAC solution is necessary to ensure passenger comfort when they are traveling with an electric bus. Guchen Industry is proud to provide reliable bus HVAC solutions for all electric buses!
Guchen offers the most reliable bus HVAC solutions in the industry. We have the best customer service and installs the most dependable units for your electric buses. Your passengers will be safe and comfortable.
Stop stressing about the weather, and enjoy the ride!

Why Choose Guchen Zero Emission Buses HVAC System?
Guchen Zero Emission Buses HVAC System is an efficient and economical solution for buses with zero emission. In addition to its high reliability and power density, it also has a compact size.
The Guchen HVAC system is the perfect choice when you want to install a reliable bus air conditioning system on your zero emission bus. It can provide up to 6600 m3/h evaporator airflow, which ensures that all passengers are comfortable in any weather conditions.

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