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6 Exciting Flower Combos to Express Your Love for the Special One!

6 Exciting Flower Combos to Express Your Love for the Special One!

Date : 2018-11-24

Flowers are considered as one of the finest creations of God. Every flower carries its own beauty and meaning. They serve as a perfect present to be gifted on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, weddings, and even at the funerals. Whether it is about saying congratulations, sorry, thank you, I love you, get well soon, miss you, or expressing your condolences at the funeral ceremonies, every emotion and feeling can be easily expressed by taking flowers. Always remember to make a wise choice while selecting flowers for the occasion as different flowers express different feelings.

If you think flowers are not enough to express your love and happiness on the special occasion then going for the flower combos is an excellent option. The present-day flower delivery in Delhi is carrying their business on this perspective. There are good numbers of online flowers shops in Delhi that help people send flower combos anywhere.

Here are some flower combos which you gift to your dear ones on their special occasion to make their more extra special.

1. Flowers and Chocolates Combo

There is no one in this world who can say no to chocolates. Gifting your loved ones flowers with chocolate is the best way to express your love and affection for them. This combo is becoming a trend nowadays. You can select from the wide range of chocolates available with these stores. The online companies engaged in the flowers delivery in Mumbai are mostly having this combo as their central marketing thing. A perfect choice to gift someone with a sweet tooth!

2. Flowers and Cake Combo

Any celebration is said to be incomplete if without a cake. Surprising your dear ones with flowers and a cake on their special occasion would be the best thing to do. You can make a choice from the regular flavors to the exotic ones depending on your preference. Personalization of cakes is also available on some online stores.

3. Flowers and Personalized Mugs Combo

The combo of flowers and a personalized mug is the next best option to go for. The selection of flowers can be made after considering the relationship and the occasion. The mugs can be monogrammed, designed, or imprinted with any special messages, photos or designs of your choice.  

      4. Flowers and Teddy Bear Combo

The flowers and a teddy make a perfect hamper together. The beauty of the flowers combined with cuteness of the teddy bear makes this combo an adorable one. This combo is absolutely apt for occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthday and a wedding anniversary.

5. Flowers and Sweets Combo

The combo of flowers and sweets would give your loved ones immense pleasure, isn’t it? Gifting favorite sweets with a beautiful bouquet of flower on the birthdays of your loved ones brings smile on their faces.

6. Flowers and Dry Fruits Combo

Gifting dry fruits is a sign of gifting good health and happiness on special occasions. Going for flowers and dry fruits combo would be an excellent gift to be presented on any occasion or festivals. With online flower delivery in Delhi, make the experience of gifting your loved ones an awesome one.

Hope, you loved the flower combo suggestions to make and express love to a special one? GiftaLove.com is one such online platform which takes care of all your gifting needs. If you wish to send gifts to India and surprise your loved ones, avail the services of this website to have a never before gift delivery experience. 

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Christmas Gifts: Let This Christmas Be a Healthier One for the Loving Moms

Christmas Gifts: Let This Christmas Be a Healthier One for the Loving Moms

Date : 2018-12-18

Finding a perfect Christmas gift for moms is a challenging task altogether. Not only because they are very selective, but you might have already gifted her most favorite things on Mother’s Day or her birthday. This might have left you with little or no gifting ideas to surprise your mom this Christmas. Well, don’t worry! With such great options and ideas available for Christmas gifts online, selecting unique and special Christmas gifts for moms can never be so easy.

Moms are special and so should be their Christmas gifts. They spend their entire lives in taking care of their children without paying any attention to their health. As children, it becomes our duty and responsibility to reciprocate to their love and affection in the most loving way. So, this Christmas, make them feel special by gifting them an exquisite and useful Christmas gift that stands for their well-being.

Here is a list of some healthy and useful Christmas gifts which every child can gift to his/her mom in the holiday season to make her celebration even more special –

1. Green Tea Gift Hamper: When it comes to finding healthy Christmas gifts for moms, nothing is better than a green tea gift hamper. This hamper is a perfect healthy dose for moms who often neglect their health. The hamper has an incredible collection of flavored green teas that offers a wide range of benefits.

2. Essential oils hamper: The much-lauded essential oils have the potential to replace the chemical-based medications owing to their immense health benefits. So, this Christmas, gift your mother this incredible gift hamper that speaks of good health. In case, you don’t have an air diffuser at home, include it in this gift hamper.

3. Sugar-free Sweets: As you age, it is better to go for sweets that are either low in sugar or sugar-free. And, when it is Christmas time, it becomes uncontrollable for many of us to refrain from eating delicious sweet delicacies. Therefore, this Christmas, gift your mom with an exquisite collection of sugar-free sweets that are not just delicious but health-friendly as well.

4. Smartwatch: Smartwatches are changing the way people think of fitness and health by bringing everything on the wrists. Whether you want to inquire about your blood pressure levels, a number of steps walked throughout the day, the heartbeat, or the number of calories burnt, this watch caters to all. Present this wonderful watch to your mom this Christmas so that she can keep a regular tab on her fitness and health.

5. Multigrain snacks: Edible items like biscuits, cereals, health bars, breads, roasted grains, and seeds, etc. have one thing in common and i.e. multigrain. The snacks made from multigrain forms a staple diet of fitness enthusiasts. Get a basket of multigrain snacks for your moms on Christmas Eve to wish her good health and well-being.

6. Homemade bath salts: Being healthy is not just limited to the body, it is also important to have a stress-free mind. Bathing salts made with soothing essential oils work best to uplift the mood and ease the feeling of stress and anxiety while giving you a refreshing bath. Give your mom an escape from the stressful household and official chores this Christmas, with a gift of homemade bath salts.

7. Foot Massager: At the end of a tiring day, nothing is more relaxing than a foot massage. Mothers work like machines for their children- whether it is about getting up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for the family or handling the household as well outside work without complaining about their health. This holiday season, acknowledge her great efforts and gift a foot massager to ease the pain that she never complains of.

Christmas gifts for moms are not just limited to the above gifts. Mothers have big hearts and accept anything which her child gives with utmost pleasure and appreciation. Even the simplest of Christmas flowers please her.

With the facility of Christmas gifts online, you can avail all the above gifts, including the Christmas flowers on your doorsteps. Giftalove.com is one such online portal that is helping its clients to deliver smiles to their loved ones for a long time.

Happy gifting!

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Reward Your Hardworking Employees with These Awesome Corporate Gifts This New Year!

Reward Your Hardworking Employees with These Awesome Corporate Gifts This New Year!

Date : 2018-12-18

Happy employees mean a prosperous organization! Therefore, acknowledging their hard work on special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, or New Year with awesome corporate gifts will certainly motivate them. As another fabulous and profitable year is about to end in a few weeks, it becomes essential to admire the hard work of your employees with amazing New Year Corporate gifts. New Year brings new hopes, zeal, and expectations. It is the best time to wish your employees and co-workers a new and successful beginning. Giving corporate gifts to the employees on the occasion of New Year is a perfect way to say that you love your employees and really thankful for their yearlong services to the company. It is not necessary to give expensive gifts to the employees; even a small token of consideration fulfills the purpose.

Thinking about what corporate gifts to buy this New Year for your employee? Well, don’t worry! Below are some incredible corporate gifts suggestions from which you can make a choice depending on your budget and strength of your employees.

1. Name printed diaries: This is one of the most common gifts given to the employees on the occasion of New Year. Give away this traditional way of gifting diaries and get the name of your employees printed on these diaries to impart a personal touch to them.

2. Dry fruits box: Dry fruits is a well-known gifting item during the festival season. As New Year is no less than a festive affair, distributing dry fruit boxes on this occasion to the employees sounds really amazing.

3. Handmade Chocolates: Talking about a festive occasion and not mentioning chocolates is just not right. This New Year, surprise your employees with delicious and tempting handmade chocolates. They come in different flavors and can also be customized as per your requirement.

4. Lord Ganesh idol: We all worship Lord Ganesha before making a fresh start in life. As New Year is like embarking on a new journey in life, so this year, gift a Lord Ganesha idol to your employees to wish them prosperity and good health

 5. Wooden wall clocks: Gifts made of wood have an antique and traditional touch to them. Give your employees a gift of elegant wooden wall clocks this New Year as a symbol of good times which are yet to come.

6. Personalized calendars with sweets: When we think of calendars as a New Year gift, it seems insufficient. Getting these calendars personalized with amazing designs or paintings add a personal and beautiful touch to them. As New Year is a time for celebration and no celebration is complete without sweets, add delicious boxes of sweets to these personalized calendars to mark the celebration.

7. Crockery: This New Year gift is the best when the total strength of the employees is less. In smaller organizations, crockery is often distributing as New Year gifts among the employees. If the situation is similar in your organization, then you can always go for this elegant New Year gift.

8. Photo frames: Employees often keep precious photographs of their family and friends on their desk. This New Year, gift them beautiful photo frames so that they can keep their loved ones with them while at work. This emotional gift will certainly loved by the employees.

9. Buddha: The nerve-racking work environment definitely requires a moment of reprise and serenity. Gifting your employees with statues of Buddha for the New Year is synonymous to gifting good health and environment. You can either go for a sitting Buddha or a sleeping one while making the purchase. There is a plethora of different Buddha statues in various styles available in the market.

10. Pen stands: These make one of the most useful corporate gifts for employees. This New Year, present them with an incredible and well-crafted pen stands which they can place at their workstations. There is a wide range of pen stands available in the market. Going for the creative ones that are designed in the shape of shoe, scooters, or bikes is recommended to make an occasion of celebration even more interesting.

These are some noteworthy corporate gifting options from which can choose. The incredible New Year Corporate gifts will not just make employees happy and surprised, but would also make them feel their importance in your business and life. Giftalove.com is an online gifting site that is delivering happiness and smiles across India with their wide and grand gifting range. Avail its services and be assured of the quality of the corporate gifts.

Happy New Year!

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Get A Complete Guide on Housewarming Flowers

Get A Complete Guide on Housewarming Flowers

Date : 2019-01-08

Moving to new house calls for a celebration and thus housewarming party is a great idea. With family and friends around, all parties are delightful. But, when it is entering a new home with new dreams and plans for future, flowers as a gift is just perfect. 

For any party, flowers play an integral role in both decoration and gifting. There was a time when going to a florist was the only way to buy flowers, but now technology has made the availability of online flowers. You can order flowers with just a few clicks and they will get delivered on the specified date when the housewarming party is due. 

It is essential to understand the basic do’s and don’t’s about buying flowers for a housewarming party - 

Choose The Flowers Wisely – Housewarming means a cheerful moment and thus the bouquet chosen should be vibrant with a lovely fragrance. Roses are forever favorite of everyone for all occasions. You can choose any of the colors and they are all perfect – red, pink, orange, cream or any of them. Carnations, orchids or daisies are also appropriate for a housewarming party. Many people also buy the sunny and bright sunflowers that denote a fresh and new start. 

Arrangement Of The Flowers – Be it the traditional oval bouquet or the elliptical one, the bouquet should be well arranged and full of pretty blooms. Make sure you gift it with a big smile and hug wishing the hosts a lovely future in the new house. The bouquet can be a small or big one as per your budget, but do not forget to add a small note of love and best wishes. 

Choose Flowers With an Awesome Fragrance – When you step into a new home, it already has a special fragrance that is inviting. To complement the smell, your bouquet will be a perfect addition. Select flowers like scented primrose, red roses, Ylang-Ylang, lilies, tuberose and similar ones that would make the house smell like a garden. If you want to send flowers to Hyderabad and wish your loved ones on their new home, opt for online flower delivery service. They have the best flowers arranged in a well-designed basket. 

How To Decorate Your Home With Flowers On Housewarming Ceremony?

A housewarming party is incomplete without floral decoration. You can use flower chains to decorate the rooms, or buy flower sticks and put them in a flower vase. It will create a cheerful ambiance. You can get a flower gate done in front of the main entrance. You can stick elliptical flower arrangements on your wall or place some floating flowers in a water bowl and use it as a table centerpiece. Rangoli is also a great idea at the doorstep or in the middle of the living room on such a day. 

Many homes plan for a ‘puja’ on the housewarming day. Flowers are essential here too! Most commonly used flowers for the devotional purpose are hibiscus, marigold, mogra etc. You can get all kinds of flowers from online stores. Spending a day at the local florists can be worthwhile, but if you are unable to squeeze out time, prefer online shopping.

Check the collection at GiftALove, they have flower bouquets, lovely gifts and unlimited options to choose from. You can get same-day flower delivery from this portal and their customer service is worth recommending. 

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