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Visiting Gallery Dental in Richland Hills, Texas is so much more than just a typical visit to the dentist. Our stylish and comfortable dental suite helps to calm any nerves and keeps our patients coming back. With spa like amenities such as a massaging dental chairs, thermal aromatherapy neck pillows, eye masks, warm towels and much more, our patients feel incredibly relaxed and at ease throughout their entire visit.

Besides the amazing atmosphere, our talented dentist, Dr. Aws Aldarkazali (or Dr. Al as his patients call him), is an Ivy League graduate with over 15 years of dental experience. Thanks to the latest technological advances, Dr. Al is able to offer the safest and most reliable dental examinations using portable digital x-rays and stat-of-the-art intraoral cameras.

With a combination of a boutique-oriented approach and the latest and greatest technology, Gallery Dental offers a remarkable experience that cannot be replicated by other dentists in the area.

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