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Getting Rid Of Desktop Display Issues While Using QuickBooks

Getting Rid Of Desktop Display Issues While Using QuickBooks

Date : 2022-12-27

Display issues in QuickBooks are quite common in QuickBooks and are usually caused when the QuickBooks Desktop program is used with high-resolution graphics monitors. However, there can be other causes behind this issue as well. In this post, we'll sail through the most common viable troubleshooting methods to fix QuickBooks Desktop Display issues. So, make sure to stick around till the end of this article.


What are the methods to troubleshoot Display Issues in QuickBooks?

The methods given below should fix the display-related QuickBooks issues.  Perform these steps in the same schematic order as are given under each method.

Method 1: Adjusting display settings

        Close QuickBooks Desktop and click "Start" on your Desktop.

        You now need to look for the QuickBooks Desktop icon.

        Choose and right-click on the QuickBooks.exe file and then go to Properties.

        After that, go to the Compatibility tab in the Properties option.

        To turn off display scaling on high DPI settings, you need to check the box next to it.

        You must also choose the option to Change high DPI settings and then Override high DPI scaling behavior. After that, click on Apply.

        The last step is to click on Ok.


Method 2: Modify the view Preferences

        Start your QuickBooks Desktop.

        Then, go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

        Select Desktop View and then My Preferences.

        Under View, choose One Window from the list of options.

        Click the OK button to finish.


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How Can I Rectify QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working Error?

How Can I Rectify QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working Error?

Date : 2023-02-15

The QuickBooks (QB) file doctor is a tool that works with QuickBooks and assists in the easy diagnosis and timely resolution of errors within QuickBooks, especially the Network and company files. Despite the fact that this program is quite useful, users may come across various errors while operating it. There are several potential reasons that lead to QuickBooks File Doctor not working error. This article will provide you all the updated information on how to fix this error without exerting much effort.


Causes provoking QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working Error

  • Essential files related to QuickBooks or the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool may be corrupted.
  • The company file got impugned by malware or a virus.
  • The recent installation of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool was incomplete.


Various Methods to fix the QuickBooks File Doctor not working error

You can follow the below methods in order to rectify the QuickBooks file doctor not working or responding.

Method 1: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor manually

  • Run QuickBooks.
  • Open the File menu and choose Utilities.

  • Select "Repair File and Network Problems."

  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub will get launched.
  • From there, open the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Browse for the company file and start the scan. If the QuickBooks File Doctor not working error pops up, head to the next method.


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