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Are Grain Temp Guard Probes Effective For Moisture Monitoring System?

Are Grain Temp Guard Probes Effective For Moisture Monitoring System?

Date : 2021-01-13

A grain moisture monitoring system is necessary for the effective storage of the grains that is a time-consuming and laborious task.  However, it is necessary to have the best grain monitoring equipment for the health of the grains. With the availability of options such as grain temperature cables, grain temp guard alarm systems (DT /HT), grain temp guard probes, and other similar farming equipment, the grain bin monitoring system can be customized to suit the needs of the farmers. 

Uses of grain temp guard probes

Grain temp guard probes (DT or HT) are a useful tool that is used for connecting to the grain temperature cables, grain temp guard alarm system, and allied equipment that is helpful for storing the grain in the bin. The grain temp cables can stretch up to 45 m or beyond as per the requirements of the farmer and the size of the bin.  Depending on the size of the bin, the grain temp guard probes can be placed at various spots in the bin while they stay connected to the necessary devices.   The grain temp guard alarm system needs to be connected with the grain temp guard probes for monitoring the temperature as well as the moisture content of the stored grains.  The length of grain temp guard probes varies from 10 m, 15 m, 25, 30 m, 45 m etc. when installed and connected to the grain temp guard alarm system.

The recommended number of grain temp guard probes for the grain storage bins are mentioned here with:

 For the first 10,000 to 20,000 bushels of the bin, you must use two grain temp guard probes. Besides, for every additional 10,000 to 15,000 bushels of grain, you need one additional probe.  The use of several probes is helpful in monitoring the stored grains is required for monitoring the overall temperature of the grains inside the bin.

When grain temp guard Alarm DT or HT is used for monitoring stored grain, the two units are sufficient for monitoring up to 40,000 bushels while using two grain temperature cables.

On the other hand, if you are using the Grain Temp Guard dual system then the requirements of the grain temp probes are different. If there are dual alarm DTs used in a large bin, then at least four probes are required with each installation. On the other hand, if one alarm DT and one alarm HT is being used in a midsize bin, then several temperature probes are required within the core and at the top.  In case, only two alarm HTs are used in a small size bin, then two probes are required at the top and the bottom part of the bin. 

Where shall I buy grain temp guard probes?

You can buy grain temp guard probes from Farm Shop Mfg. who are the leading manufacturers of many farming equipment and have a range of Germinator and Grain Temp Guard products. They provide reliable, durable, and effective agriculture equipment that is useful for planting seeds and storing the harvested grain. 

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