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Keep Warm This Winter with Refurbished Windows

Keep Warm This Winter with Refurbished Windows

Date : 2022-07-06

Everyone is facing increased energy bills and we are told this will only get worse next winter.  Scotland is a cold country and we all face large heating bills every winter but this year it will be worse. There are many ways to insulate your home to reduce heating bills but have you looked at your windows?

If you live in a tenement or period home you are likely to have wood-framed casement or sash and case windows. These windows tend to be beautiful and made from excellent quality wood but unfortunately due to their age they can become damaged and draughty.  They will also have old single glazed windows which do not help to insulate your home in the same way that modern double glazing does. But don\'t panic, it is unlikely that you will need to replace your windows.  In most cases, these windows can be repaired, refurbished and upgraded to help insulate your home and reduce heating bills. 

In Edinburgh, Eco Sash & Case specialises in the repair and refurbishment of sash and case windows and casement windows.  They have a team of expert carpenters and glaziers that can work miracles on your windows. Damaged frames can be repaired or replaced with new timber. Draught proofing can be added and the glazing can even be upgraded to double glazing. These sash window repairs can help keep your windows look great for many more years, whilst keeping your home warm and cosy.

For further insulation, traditional window shutters are ideal in a cold winter\'s evening. They really do block out any draughts and prevent heat loss. Do your shutters still work?  Over the years, many have been stuck to the walls, the hinges have failed, or the many layers of paint have stopped them from closing properly. We can repair shutters back to full work order and we can make new shutters. 

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