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Dr. Soma ENT Specialist is one of the leading ear, nose and throat specialists in Singapore. After years of experience and thousands of patients, Dr. Soma knows how to get you rid of an ear infection in no time!

You feel unwell?

If you or your children have been suffering from a cold or flu recently or have had trouble sleeping, it could be an ear infection that is worsening the symptoms. Dr. Soma ENT specialist can alleviate the pain and pressure by making a quick diagnosis - we will send you home with a treatment plan to follow!

Want to know more?

We offer expert diagnosis and treatment for otitis media (middle-ear infection) and other ear-related conditions such as tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss and sinus problems. For children, we also specialize in general ENT as well as pediatric ENT treatments.
In Singapore, the humidity makes it easier to get ear infections because of fungus. They thrive in the moist, tropical climate of Singapore and make people itch a lot.

Treating your ear canal with antibiotics and steroids is a straightforward, albeit time-intensive process. You need to gently clean out the wax & debris from the back of your ear canal, them apply medication deep into it using an ear wick. It may take several sessions to fully treat your condition

You can find Dr Soma's ENT clinic at 321 Joo Chiat Place #05-01 Parkway East Specialist Hospital Singapore 427990 or call 9856 8391 to book a consultation.

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