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Why Clarity Is The Best Kept Billionaire Secret

Why Clarity Is The Best Kept Billionaire Secret

Date : 2019-04-26

When it comes to business, clarity plays a vital role in impacting your business outcomes.

When you’re really clear about what you want to achieve, your actions and those of your employees become more productive.

So what is clarity?

Clarity is knowing EXACTLY what outcome you want. In your business it’s also knowing EXACTLY what outcomes your employees want. The clearer you/they are on this the more productive you and your company will be.

By having clarity you’ll be able to discern and pinpoint any incongruences that occurs between your outcomes, your team’s outcomes and your employee’s outcomes. You’ll then be able to remedy this situation through training, mentoring, giving feedback, discussion, negotiation and making sure that things such as their values, vision and goals are aligned with you and your business.

The advantage of knowing exactly what outcomes you want to achieve is you are more focused. Your efforts, time and energy are not dispersed on doing “other things” that are not directly related to moving your business forward.  Everything you do therefore is concentrated on propelling your business into expansion and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Additionally, if you do have employees, having everyone on board with the same vision, mission, purpose, goals and values increases that focus exponentially.

Knowing what outcomes you want is driven by emotional states – how you feel, or want to feel when you achieve your goal(s). All behavior is state dependent. I.e. All behavior is dependent on your emotional state. All emotional states are dependent upon the meaning we ascribe to things.

By being aware of the emotional states driving one’s behavior and the meaning that is ascribed to doing tasks you can glean the impact it has on productivity:

Is it moving you or your employees towards or away from taking action and completing tasks? If it is away from how can this be altered to bring about the desired outcome?

Through training, mentoring and constructive feedback we can change the meaning ascribed to a task, remove limiting beliefs and negative emotions. This results in a positive shift in perception. With a perceptual shift we get a positive shift in behavior and an increase in productivity.

This shift creates a win/win for you, your employees and your bottom line.

Another way we can create this shift is through Corporate Health Programs.

The Corporate Wellness Programs are tailored to the specific needs of your company or corporate group such as launching a new company, expanding your reach into new markets and embarking upon a new business venture, you’re looking for greater meaning in what you do, or you’re already established and want to boost the success of your business to a much higher level. Increase your company’s capacity for generating income and attracting optimal business opportunities, enrich and deepen fulfillment & satisfaction for yourself and your team, gain greater clarity and cohesion for you and your team, establish greater preeminence and distinction in your field, improve the level of productivity, efficiency & effectiveness for yourself and your employees to maximize outcomes. 

Clarity impacts your outcomes by knowing:

  • Whether an activity is productive or unproductive
  • What are the most productive actions to take to achieve the desired objective(s)

Productive activities move you closer to your goals – e.g. taking action, completing tasks that are focused on your outcomes, educating yourself in areas that will assist the achievement of your goals, outsourcing tasks that don’t generate revenue for your company etc.

Unproductive activities move you away from your goals – e.g. procrastination and the games associated with it such as avoiding, denying, feeling overwhelmed, blaming, complaining etc. The “excuses” we make up for not doing things.

When starting a task or commencing a behavior, ask yourself does this activity help you progress toward the achievement of your desired goal(s) for your business or not?

If it is not productive what could you be doing instead?

Make a list of your productive activities. Discern which actions are the most productive ones to take, in order to achieve your business goals.

What are the most efficient actions in terms of:

  • Time
  • Your Passion/love for doing them
  • Increasing revenue
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing the value of your business
  • Growing and/or replicating your business

To help you do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

What tasks or activities would I want to complete by the end of this week if I were starting a 3-week vacation next week?

What are activities only I can do?

What actions can I take that add the most value or brings the greatest benefit to my company?

What tasks am I truly passionate about doing?

Why am I doing these tasks?

What is my purpose here?

Could I delegate or outsource these tasks to someone else?

Now make a list of the top 6 activities and prioritize them with the most productive action listed first. Focus on doing your top 1 – 3 tasks daily to maximize your results. If   your number 1 task is a large task focus on doing only that single task. Break it down into smaller manageable pieces to make it easier to work through. Delegate or outsource parts of this task where possible to leverage your time.

If your top 6 work activities take very little time to accomplish, you can add to/adjust your list accordingly. Do daily tasks based upon your desired work schedule. Focus on doing what you love to do and what brings in revenue for your company. Delegate and outsource all other activities where possible so you can focus on achieving your lifestyle and business outcomes.

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