Dawn Ferrentino

Break The Cocoon, Transform Today
She is passionate about designing life on your own terms. She is a health coach, motivational speaker, an entrepreneur but most importantly a mom!


She has created a multiple six figure annual income and is a millionaire in her network marketing company. She is passionate about health and fitness. She is certified in Pilates and believes in the mind and body connection. She is also passionate about creating and designing life on your own terms and assists others on how to create freedom for themselves: financial, time, and physical freedom. Her mission is “To Free Everyone She Meets Both Physically and Financially and to Bring All Moms Home From the Work Force to Raise Their Own Children.” She has coached, inspired, and motivated thousands of people and helped transform their lives. She is a motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur, professional network marketer, mentor and trainer. She inspires, motivates, and empowers others to be the best they can be. She carries a bachelor’s degree in accounting which assists her as a business owner.

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