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Book the Best Renowned Speed Painter for your next Events

Book the Best Renowned Speed Painter for your next Events

Date : 2019-11-05

If you want to book a speed painter, at that point, you have come to the right place. D. Westry is the most famous speed painter in the world who is able to transform an artist painting skills into an unforgettable form of entertainment. His incredible lightning-quick hands amazing live speed painting show entertains all audiences and will have guests on the edge of their seat for the whole duration.

Regardless of whether you are an art lover or a Photoshop fan, let me give you an insight into the life of a famous world renowned speed painter. Traditional painting requires a lot of patience, the duration can be anywhere from 2 to 10 hours. The artists believe the first 30 minutes of the painting is the most important. This is where the work of art at first takes its shape the creation of the foundation of the painting.

But, a live speed artist offers many variations of his speed painting with each and every option that are fully customizable to the client specifics. D. Westry has experience working with a range of clients and is quite capable of recreating portraits of public figures and celebrities as well as business logos and using corporate messaging.

Having worked years as professional artist and entertainer, D. Westry is very talented when it comes to creating images on a canvas. He has developed his skills into creating his works of art in very short time frames with a “Wow” factor. His speed painting shows has since been highly sought after by a wide range of clients in the world, such as the US, London, Malta Island, China, Japan, Dubai, Doha Qatar, etc. Since these achievements, this amazing renowned speed painter is one of the world’s most sought-after live event artists.

Book the most celebrated speed Painter in the world for your event and D. Westry will amaze your guests as he accomplishes a bespoke piece of art in record time. It can literally only take a couple of minutes for D. Westry to complete one of his paintings. With a few rapid brush strokes a flick of color and even a flick of glitter, this self-taught speed painting artist will have a masterpiece created for you. Having performed at some of the biggest events, the speed painting artist has been booked for events in over so many countries all over the world.

D. Westry is a brilliant speed painter based in the USA and available for “Speed Art”tours and events throughout the world. Contact us at 973.937.8796 to book the “Master Speed Painter Extraordinaire” for your event or to find out what he can do for you.

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