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How to Ace a Remote Interview

How to Ace a Remote Interview

Date : 2021-12-19

How to Ace a Remote Interview

We now live in interesting times – especially since the pandemic struck. Remote working is no longer a far-fetched concept for most people. That also means remote interviews are gaining traction. Although remote interviews are similar to in-person interviews, there is still a notable distinction.

Read on to learn how you can make the best impression on a potential employer even from thousands of miles away.


Pick a Perfect Spot

Your remote interview could be over the phone or by video. Either way, find a distraction-free spot. For a video meeting, you need to do more than pick a quiet place. You should choose a room that exudes professionalism. For instance, do the interview in your home office instead of your sitting room.


Use High-Quality Equipment

You don't want your voice trailing off or your camera barely showing anything during the interview. That makes a poor impression from which you might never recover. Therefore, test your equipment beforehand. Do a mock interview with a friend or a family member using the same platform the company will use. Will it be on Zoom? Then test out Zoom. During the mock interview, try out all camera angles to determine which one works best for you.


Eliminate Possible Problems

You know how technology can backfire when you need it the most. How do you avoid such problems? Ensure your device is fully charged, notifications are off and block anything else that could spoil the moment.

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