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Date : 2021-09-28

AdeelZaidi.com serves all the Urdu poetry lovers as the home for Urdu literature.  This website provides a great collection of Urdu poetry links — Ghazals and Nazms.  AdeelZaidi.com is a personal website of a student of Urdu literature. Urdu poetry is a rich tradition which was initially originated from the Persian language. It has many different forms like Ghazal, Qasida, Marsiya, Masnavi, Tazkira and Nazm.

AdeelZaidi.com caters as a hub for all famous Urdu poets and their beautiful work.  It’s a treasure of Urdu literature and poetry. This Urdu website is a very good resource if you are looking for quality work. One can get complete range of Urdu poetry, Nazms and Urdu Ghazals here.

Our Vision

Our passionate desire is to provide Urdu Poetry lovers a home for Urdu Literature. An Urdu Website containing Links to the famous urdu poets and Quality Urdu Poetry including:

Urdu Ghazal
Urdu poetry
Urdu Poets

Urdu Adab
Urdu Nazm
Famous Urdu Poets
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