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ITR Filing In Jaipur

ITR Filing In Jaipur

Date : 2021-04-08

The filing of income tax return is an important process for the organization through which it pays its salaries and taxes, resulting in payments to the Income Tax Department.

All organizations registered in India, be it a private limited company, association, limited company, an individual, and section 8, the company has to compulsorily file income tax returns and the MCA returns each year annually. With the mandatory year running from 1 April to 31 March of the following year, comprehensive citizens have handed over residents or non-residents, where individual citizens can be named residents, yet not standard residents.

As per Income Tax Act, 1961

Companies and Firms: - Every company and partnership firm should have a Return of Income (MUST) related to the loss of its payer for each previous year.

Others: - In the Income Tax Act of others, every other person is individual or HUF or AOP or BOI or artificial judicial person.

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