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Business opportunities in Canada, Businesses in Canada

·    Business Acquisitionrnand Start-Up Services. Wernprovide business Services in Canada to advise and assist our clients on costrneffective ways to set up Business in Canada. Our team of real estate brokers,rnbusiness plan writers, lawyers, accountants, business analysts are experiencedrnin doing business in Canada to acquire running businesses, establish as startrnup or set up a subsidiary.


·       Incorporationrn& Virtual Office Services tornregister companies for non-residents, foreign subsidiaries, or special purposerncompanies.

 BusinessrnServices: bookkeeping,rnregulatory compliance filings, domain registration, real estate consulting,rnsecretarial service, intellectual property registrations, develop websites,rninternet marketing and social media services.


·    Facilitatingrnjoint ventures and partnerships for non-resident individuals and corporations


·       RelocationrnServices for individualsrnand corporations. We arrange intra company transfer and migration/relocation ofrnemployees and their families.


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