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BR Buildcare Pvt Ltd. offers two important products lines that are aimed to create a safe environment for your living.

1. BlueOXY: Lime & Hard water Stain Remover 100% assures and guarantees to remove the Hard Water Stains from Chrome Bathroom Fixtures, Fibre Glass, Shower Cubicles, Granite Counter Tops, Porcelain Tiles, Shower Doors, Sinks, Stainless Steel Tubes , Kitchen Sinks, Toilets , Wash Basins & Faucets. 

2. Herbo Pest: Organic Pest Control Treatment - In order to get rid of the problems of pests, we provide the methods that are tried, tested and are cost effective as compared to the conventional method of pest control. While the conventional methods aim to clear the visible pests around, and try to kill the room for the pests to multiply further. The methods followed us are cent percent herbal that ensures hygiene.

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