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When it comes to the house or probably the commercial space being attacked by pests, there is nothing worse than that. It often gets difficult to get rid of them and even if things go right they tend to come back again and again. This is where we come to the picture by providing effective pest control service in Kolkata. Our city with a weather that has high humidity levels is known to bring back pests no matter how much you try especially with the over the counter pest control remedies.

While we understand the patterns of these pests, we are known to make use of industrial quality pest control treatment where the right agents and equipment are put to use. We excel in helping out with services on both commercial and domestic pest control in Kolkata where both your house as well as your commercial space is taken care of by eradicating pests. We have a team that has an extensive knowledge of how to deal with pest attack and how it can be eradicated.

The Pests we Deal With :–

• Cockroach
• Domestic pests (Flies, Beetles, Silverfish, etc.)
• Wood Borer
• Termites
• Bed Bugs
• Mosquito Control

Our Services:

• Commercial Pest Control (Offices and Factories)
• Domestic Pest Control (Homes, Apartments, Flats)
• Housekeeping services in Kolkata

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