Zanskar Region

Zanskar Region

Settled in a remote corner of Ladakh, the Zanskar Valley is one of the most charming spotsrnto visit. It is situated in the eastern corner of Jammu and Kashmir and isrnisolated from Ladakh by the Zanskar Mountain Range. It is a piece of The TethysrnHimalayas which is framed with week after week changed sedimentary arrangement.rnZanskar Valley is known for its wide perspectives and views, cavern religiousrncommunities and generally headed out to for its trekking trails and streamrnboating encounters and the Suru Valley, the two valleys quite often visited together.

Settled between two modest high lakes, generallyrndisengaged of every single Himalayan valleys, Zanskar Valley has a region ofrnaround 5,000 sq kms and is arranged at a height of 13,154 above ocean level.rnThis valley is cut off from the remainder of the world for more than 9 monthsrnof the year due to overwhelming snowfall in the area. Because of the particularrnverdure and the incredibly atmosphere, Zanskar Valley has got one of the mostrnlooked for after spots to visit. With a setting of the delightful snow-toppedrnice sheet mountain tops and the perfectly clear water spouting down the valley,rnit has increased considerably greater fame.


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