You Should Know These 7 Features Before Buying Biometric Machine

In the momentum of the digital world, more and more start-ups and SMEs are mechanizing their routine day-to-day tasks. While most organizations today use old mechanisms like card readers and another digital don manual time tracking and complex spreadsheets to monitor the time and attendance of employees.

These old mechanisms are very time-consuming and very difficult to track. It also hinders the future growth and expansion of business.

With the insertion of a biometric attendance system, one can enhance the security of an organization and increase the productivity of employees.

There are a vast number of biometric attendance systems available in the market to choose from.

Here are some features you should know before you go to invest in a Biometric attendance punching machine system.

A biometric device is a security identification


Access Control System

A biometric attendance system is a digital entry system that controls physical access to a building or room using biometrics technologies. This system identifies individuals who should be allowed entry into a secure area using facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, palm recognition, and other methods. So, it can also be used for security purposes like restricting non-authorized personnel into protected areas of a building.


Identification Time

When you are going to buy a Biometric punching machine system, always look for a device that can sense fingerprints quickly within a fraction of a second and automatically push the data to the server for accurate time of attendance.


The Biometric Attendance system should be very convenient. Once the biometric test is triggered, all fingerprints, iris, and facial recognition are done - and employees are good to go. There is no need to reset the password. It is now even convenient to log the data and audit it accordingly.



Internet connectivity is mandatory in biometric punching machine systems. There should always be sound internet connectivity available for the system. The system transfers the clock-in and clock-out time of the individual employees to the attendance and HR Payroll system. When it comes to updating the system and keeping it working without bugs in the future also, internet connectivity is obligatory.


User Friendly

Biometric attendance systems should be easy to operate and user-friendly. It can Store and verify a large number of fingerprints. It should be Easy to use and track employee attendance and good to maintain a high level of security. It should be Ideal for accurate payroll calculations. This system is very reliable and easy to operate.



Always look for a biometric attendance system that can store and verify a large number of templates like fingerprints, face, palm, etc, even if your organization has just a few employees currently. This way, as your business grows the device will be able to enroll new employees.

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Highly Efficient

Each organization demands highly efficient security systems. You should invest in a biometric attendance system not only for security but for making it easier and much more efficient to manage key functions such as attendance tracking for payroll. it is even very helpful for employees as they don’t need to carry cards everywhere.


With the setup of a biometric attendance system, your firm will become capable of accurately keeping a track of your staff attendance. It is now complex for anyone to fake their attendance because every person has unique biometrics like fingerprints or facial scans Iris etc.


These days Biometrics is promptly becoming a key piece of the security infrastructure and multifactor authentication which provides quick and easy verification, audit logs, and analysis. With the help of a biometric attendance system organizations can save a business time and money and provide a more efficient, streamlined system; additionally, employees will be able to get to work faster and more efficiently.

The major feature of a  biometric system is increased security for your premises. No one can steal, guess or share a personnel's physical characteristics which means a more secure and safe work environment for everyone. These days Iris Recognition is widely measured to be the most accurate modality of biometric identification. The biometric technology works in four steps: image capture, compliance check and image enhancement, image compression, and biometric template creation for matching. 


We at Secureye understand the needs of our clients and provide them with a user-friendly, highly efficient, cost-effective, and secure biometric attendance punching machine system that can satisfy all requirements of customers.

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