WordPress UX Design - Basic UX Practices for Seamless Customer Journey

WordPress UX Design - Basic UX Practices for Seamless Customer Journey

The ultimate success of any WordPress site is closely related to its visual presentation in front of visitors. Every visual contact creates an expression that can easily make or break your business. The success of your online website hugely depends on its acceptance amongst its users. Further, this acceptance significantly contributes to how your website works against market competition.

If your website is up to the mark and can establish a powerful online foothold, no one can stand between you and success. However, it is not an overnight task to achieve as there are several key elements that you need to take into consideration; on-site UX is one of those elements.

Importance of UX design for your WordPress site

Typically, individuals spend only a few seconds to decide on whether to explore your website further or not. However, if you succeed to optimize your WordPress site UX, it benefits you with a continuous visitor interest and encourages them to continue browsing its different pages.

With a great UX design, you can increase web traffic while boosting your business leads. Moreover, a streamlined WordPress UX can help you improve SEO ranks. Whenever you hire WordPress developers to build a website, they generally focus on two criteria- Usability and Credibility.

Now, how they end up achieving these two is explained below in a detailed manner. Let’s have a look.

Key Points for A Successful website UX

The foremost corresponding element to UX is website’s interface itself. First 3 to 5 seconds spent on your websites help the visitors to decide whether to stay or abandon. Following are some key points to consider that contributes to reliable and successful website UX:-

- Responsive and Intuitive

- Efficient and Uniform

- Balanced visuals and functionality

Basic WordPress UX Elements to Consider

Catering to a WordPress UX is amongst the top priority of developers since user expectations are on high rise. No matter how, but you need to attain a higher number of visits and customer retention rates on your website.

Below are some basic WordPress UX elements that will help you to ensure the website satisfies user expectations.

• A minimalistic approach

It is always a common mistake amongst us to include everything in our landing page; that ultimately compromises important features and negatively impact our website UX. The first step towards creating a seamless WordPress UX design is to make users believe that site they are visiting is easy to navigate and contains helpful content.

A simple and neat layout that is easily apprehensible by website visitors significantly combat the competition. Choosing a uniform and clutter-free formatting, along with a concise manner to deliver important content, is a perfect manner to work on website usability.

• Well-optimized page load times

In the digital world, every second count and your website success greatly relies on the page load times. The loading time of your website contributes to page abandonment by users. Today’s 5G users have no patience for a website that takes ages to load on their devices.

Your WordPress site abandonment will spike exponentially if its loading time exceeds 3 seconds, placing page loads amongst the important factors for WordPress UX. A few ways to reduce page load times- cut down on unnecessary plugins and installs, choose CDNs (content delivery networks), Image optimization and Caching.

• Social Media Prowess

Social media has overpowered the consumer base a lot. People like reading and sharing information found on internet. Integrating custom share buttons for your WordPress site will facilitate you to enhance UX.

Try to place shareable social media buttons in visible locations (like headers or sidebars); it will increase user interactions with your WordPress site. Avoid hovering social media share buttons as they can get accidentally clicked and can easily irritate the end-users while viewing website content, that affects UX negatively. You can also think of some WordPress extensions like Sumo Share and Monarch that are being rated amongst the top tier by several marketers due to their amazing list of features.

To wrap up, I would like to state that developing WordPress sites while prioritizing its UX guarantees you a progressive success for your business online. By following the above-mentioned UX practices within your WordPress site, you can significantly enhance the performance, credibility, and usability.

Every business serves a different target niche and differs in terms of scope; its UX practices also differ. Therefore, it is always advisable that you need to consult the experts before implementing any kind of strategy to your WordPress site.


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