Wooden Pallets or Wooden Crates: Which One is Better For You?

Wooden Pallets or Wooden Crates: Which One is Better For You?

Although there are many packaging options for shipping various products, but not all are suitable for all situations. Several reasons can affect this choice, including the type of products to be shipped, the location, the level of security, budget, etc.

Nowadays wooden packaging is becoming one of the solutions best suited to all packaging and transportation specially in international shipping. Wooden packaging is Durable, economical and easy to use, wooden crates and pallets have many advantages. In this article, learn the difference between pallets and wooden crates to help you make a wise decision when shipping or packaging your goods for transporting.

Wooden Pallets

For shipping bulk products or for transporting a large quantity of goods, wooden pallets are the best choice. Indeed, they are robust and resistant, which makes them ideal for shipping abroad.

Wooden pallets are completely customizable, these pallets can be used to transport a wide range of different products. Compared to other shipping options like cardboard pallets, MDF Pallets or shrink wraps, wooden pallets are much safer, stronger and spill proof.

Plus, they can be moved quickly by one person on a forklift or pallet truck, minimizing exposure to injury.

Additionally, if you are looking for light weight pallets you can use corrugated cardboard pallets as they are lighter than all the other options, but these are not stronger compared to wooden pallet. These are therefore an ideal solution to reduce shipping costs. These pallets are made from scrap wood and can’t be reused over and over again like wooden pallets.

Wooden Crates / Boxes

Wooden crates come in several options. Frame boxes are designed for shipping heavy items. Open crates provide ventilation to keep food fresh. Then, the closed crates to secure the products.

Quite often, wooden crates are used to pack fragile and lightweight items as well as items that need to be stored for an extended time period. Wooden boxes are safer than wooden pallets. This is the reason that wooden crates are used more for shipping and storing valuables products.

When shipping internationally, wooden crates offer a lot of flexibility, even for small quantities of products.

  • The heaviest items can be placed in the bottom, while the lighter ones are placed on top this increase their capacity and stability. 

  • The wooden crate usually filled to full capacity as they are more sturdy.

  • Cushioning to packing materials can fill any excess space when the crate is not filled to its capacity. This makes the product safer compared to pallets.

Wooden crates and pallets are therefore are most profitable packaging for transporting almost any kind of products.

 Here at ABC Crates we love working with wood and creating perfectly customised wooden crates and pallets for packaging. Our customers understand that they won’t always get their crates and wooden palettes back when shipping cargo internationally, so choosing wood over plastic is not only cheaper but more sustainable. For more information on our wooden crates for packaging get in touch with us today.

Source: https://www.wireanium.com/blog/wooden-pallets-or-wooden-crates-which-one-is-better-for-you

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