Women's Badminton Challenges for 2nd World Team Championships

Women's Badminton Challenges for 2nd Consecutive World Team Championships Despite Negative News due to String Injury

Kim So-young and Kim Ga-eun are absent due to the ups and downs of Ahn Se-young... The men's national team also participates.

Korean badminton will challenge to defend the title of the World Women's Team Championship (Uber Cup).

The women's badminton team will participate in the 30th competition held in Chengdu, China from the 27th to the 5th of next month.

For Korea, this is an opportunity to solidify its status as the strongest country in women's badminton ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics. 카지노사이트킹

Korea won the championship by defeating China in the final of the 29th tournament held the year before last.

It was the second win in history and 12 years after the 2010 competition.

Until then, Korea had faced China eight times in the Uber Cup finals alone, losing seven times.

Riding the momentum, Korea toppled the Great Wall of China in the finals of last year's Hangzhou Asian Games and stood at the top for the first time in 29 years.

It has been 29 years since Korea defeated China in the women's team event at the Asian Games.

However, the situation is not easy.

First of all, Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance), No. 1 in the women's singles world rankings, is showing her ups and downs in the aftermath of her knee injury suffered at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ahn Se-young was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Asian Individual Championships on the 12th of this month.

The opponent in the quarterfinals was He Bingjiao of China, and it was his first loss in about two years.

Here, the bad news of line injuries overlapped.

Singles player Kim Ga-eun (Samsung Life Insurance), who is ranked 13th in the world after Ahn Se-young, was out due to a knee injury, and Kim So-young (Incheon International Airport), who is ranked 6th in the world in women's doubles, was also sidelined due to calf pain.

The team match consists of 3 singles games and 2 doubles games, and a power loss occurred in 3 out of 5 games.

Accordingly, the performance of singles Shim Yu-jin (Incheon International Airport), Kim Garam (Cheong Kwanjang), and Kim Min-seon (Chiak High School), who will be the third runners in the team competition, has become important.

In doubles, there are world No. 2 Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Baek Hana (MG Saemaeul Geumgo) and No. 13 Kim Hye-jung (Samsung Life Insurance) and Jeong Na-eun (Hwasun County Office).

Gong Hee-yong (Jeonbuk Bank), who lost his partner Kim So-young, may also have a surprise collaboration with one of them.

Starting on the 27th, Korea will play the group stage against Denmark, the United States, and Mexico.

If you place 1st or 2nd in your group, you will advance to the quarterfinals.

The men's national team will also participate in the 33rd World Men's Team Championship (Thomas Cup), which will be held during the same period and at the same location.

The men's national team advanced to the semifinals of the Asian Team Championships in February this year and earned the right to participate in the Thomas Cup.

Korea's best performance in the Thomas Cup was runner-up (2008, 2012).

In the 32nd competition in 2022, he was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The World Men's and Women's Team Championships are the most prestigious badminton team competitions held every two years.

The men's tournament is called the Thomas Cup and the women's tournament is called the Uber Cup.

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