With Dr. IPS Oberoi Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India Get Leading Edge Orthopedic Care

With Dr. IPS Oberoi Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India Get Leading Edge Orthopedic Care


Hip joint and knee joint replacements are assisting people of all ages’ live pain free, active lives. Joints are shaped by using the ends of two or more bones connected with the aid of tissue known as cartilage. Healthy cartilage serves as a shielding cushion, allowing easy and low friction motion of the joint. When only some of the joint is damaged, a surgeon can be capable of restore or replace just the damaged components. While the complete joint is damaged, a total joint replacement is achieved. To replace a total hip or knee joint, a surgeon removes the diseased or damaged parts and inserts synthetic elements, referred to as prostheses or implants.

Dr. IPS Oberoi Committed To Your Joint Health In India

Dr. IPS Oberoi top joint replacement surgeon in Delhi India is revolutionizing the field of outpatient total joint surgery by working to develop care paths and protocols to allow minimally invasive joint replacement surgery being performed in the outpatient setting, with the aim of quicker recovery, less complication, and quicker return to a functional lifestyle. He is working with software companies to develop a care path with the help of activity monitors and smart phones to facilitate a quicker road to recovery. He has performed over 4,000 anterior hip replacements and is one of the very few experts in the world to also perform revision total hip replacement through the anterior approach.  He is also a world expert in robotic joint replacement surgery in India.

Take First Step With Dr. IPS Oberoi In Eliminating Joint Pain

Many patients of Dr. IPS Oberoi top joint replacement surgeon in Delhi India seek total joint replacement surgery because it is a very effective treatment for those who have advanced arthritis. He provides highly-experienced surgeon for patients considering total joint replacement or joint revision surgery. His goal is to provide you exceptional quality and individualized joint pain treatment. He specializes in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of joint pain and offers the most progressive standard of care available. He cares for patients living in India and abroad. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients needing joint replacement surgery. He participates on multiple design teams, contributing to the development of the next generation of knee and hip implants.

A National Leader In Total Orthopedic Care In India

Considered one of the best orthopedic surgeons in India Dr. IPS Oberoi joint replacement surgeon in Delhi India brings advanced treatment options to those suffering with knee, hip, and shoulder problems. Whether you are looking for innovative knee replacement options in India or you want the best treatment for an orthopedic sports injury, he is ready to help you eliminate your pain and become active again. You don´t have to live with extreme knee pain and the constraints it may put on your activities. If you haven´t experienced adequate relief with medication or other conservative treatments, he may provide relief from pain and enable you to return to your favorite activities by offering the winning combination of world-class care and convenience at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon India.

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