Why Writing a Will is so Important

Why Writing a Will is so Important

Every adult should write a Will.  Having a Will means you have the comfort of knowing your family will be legally and hopefully financially secure after your passing.  However, too many people believe a Will is only necessary if you have lots of money or are getting older.  This is not the case.  

If you die intestate (without a Will), your Estate will be divided up depending on the inheritance laws of your country.  In most cases everything will be passed to your next of kin.  Problems arise if you don't wish it to go to your next of kin or your legal next of kin is not who you believed it to be.  A will can be contested but this can cause extra expense and anguish at an already stressful time.  

Common Issues of Dying Intestate

- You live with a partner.

If you are not married to your partner they are most likely not to be your next of kin and therefore could be left homeless if your home and all your assets are inherited by an ex-wife or sibling.

- You have step-children.

If you have not legally adopted step-children they will not inherit anything if you die intestate.  

- Family Disputes.

Depending on your circumstances your next of kin could be a sibling or even your parents. If for whatever reason, you don't want them to claim your assets then you need to write a Will. 

Benefits of Writing a Will

- You take control of your Estate.

Even if all you own is a little savings and some family jewellery, you can stipulate who should inherit it after you die.  By writing a will you are protecting the people you love the most.

- Children

You can also stipulate in a Will who should look after your children if they are left without any parents.

- Charity

If you decide you want your family to get nothing, you can state a cause you support to receive your assets. 

How To Write A Will

It is possible to write your own Will and get a couple of people to witness it, however by getting a Solicitor to write your Will you can be assured that it is written correctly and is less likely to be contested.  At Fergusson Law we can write a standard will for a fixed fee

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