Why would the IRS reject my TurboTax Filing

When it comes to filing your tax returns on TurboTax, you need to make sure all the data you entered is correct. Even the slightest spelling mistake or calculation error can result in the IRS rejecting your e-filing. This blog will give you a general overview of what you can to avoid rejection of your tax returns when using TurboTax. You can also call the Turbotax technical support phone number and speak to a trained expert to get additional assistance to resolve any errors that may lead your TurboTax filing being rejected.

Reasons why the IRS rejects TurboTax Filing

E-filing is one of the most convenient ways to file your tax returns, and if you file them using TurboTax, the process is even easier. However, there are times when the Internal Revenue Service may reject your filing because of an error in the paperwork. Here are a couple of reasons why your TurboTax filing was rejected:

·        Social Security number (SSN) does not match the taxpayer’s name.

·        The Taxpayer Identification Number is invalid or incorrect.

·        The taxpayer’s name was misspelled and did not match official records.

·        Identification number, such as Employer Identification Number, is wrong.

·        E-filing return is missing a form, or the taxpayer may have included an additional form that is not required.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, the Internal Revenue Service can reject your e-filing under different pretexts. You should try and figure out the exact cause of the rejection so that you can resolve the mistake as soon as possible.

Tips to fix e-filing rejected by IRS

Once you receive a notification from the IRS that your e-filing was rejected, you will have to review all the paperwork and check for any mistakes. Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid needless e-file rejections:

·        The very first thing you need to do is to check all the names and numbers reported on your tax returns. Ensure the data matches your financial records.

·        SSN mismatching a most common reason behind e-filing rejections. When you file a joint return, be sure to use the SSN for the primary taxpayer.

·        Check if you listed your dependent name and SSN correctly otherwise the e-filing system will any incorrect data and reject your e-file submission.

·        In the event of a name change, as is the case due to marriage, you should notify the Social Security Administration and get your SSN reassigned.

·        Taxpayers who claim dependents need to provide full names, SSNs and the relationship so the e-file system can verify the data with the IRS master files.

·        Verify the W-2 information to make sure the amounts are accurate, and your income is reconciled. You can import your W-2 directly so as to avoid any calculation errors.

Even though TurboTax automatically performs regular error checks to identify reasons that might cause rejection, there are times when you may require additional assistance. You can call the turbotax tech support phone number and consult a professional software expert to resolve any technical error you may encounter while filing your tax returns.


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