Why to use different type of prediction in different field?

The main feature of the game is in the name itself. It helps the player to predict the outcomes of future events. These games are usually available for free online. The more the predictions, the more points the player acquires. These points are then converted into prize money.

These are a type of trivia games which tests the players thinking capacity. And remember, playing a prediction is not called as gambling. It doesn’t follow the gambling rules. These games are available in different themes. From entertainment and finance to sports and current affairs.

The one cache in these games is that a particular amount of cash is to be deposited at the start as the game gets more complicated.

Fantasy games:

Final fantasy is a type of fantasy games. It was introduced initially by Square Enik. Final fantasy is the main series which has around 15 games under it. These games are published on various platforms with numerous titles. Each game has its unique fantasy world, where fiction has no end.

Here is a list of few popular final fantasy games:

  • Ivalice Alliance series
  • Final fantasy 1
  • Final fantasy 2

And so on. Till final fantasy 15, along with final fantasy X-2, final fantasy 7 snowboarding, final fantasy brave X-virus etc. These are available on multiple platforms like,

  • Mobile phones
  • Play stations
  • MSX
  • Nintendo entertainment systems
  • Game boy advance etc.

It is also available on personal computers.

Latest opinion poll:

In this Rajasthan assembly elections, according to theLatest Opinion Poll
, Congress is going to win it. It is very much likely to beat BJP and get a seat on the throne. It is observed that Congress has an upper hand with an extra 50% share of votes over BJP and inturn the most likely to win.

Tamil Nadu election:

These 2021 Tamil Nadu election is held in May for around 234 seats for the legislative assembly. As both Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi passed away in the year 2016 and 2018 respectively. This is the first time the elections are conducted without them. In the background, we should first know that these elections are to be held in the first six months this year.

Match win prediction:

WASP is the tool which is usually used to predict who wins the cricket match.

This prediction considers multiple factors before giving the results,

  • Boundary size
  • Pitch
  • Weather

It usually gives the result for the first team to take up batting. For the team who took up bowling first, it just gives the probability at which the particular team might win. In this case, it doesn’t consider the match situation as such.

The database from which the program used collects the data is the ODI model or the One-day international model. It also considered the database of the twenty20 games played.

WASP is a quantitative program which works on its efficiency based on the numbers.

It shows a real and practical picture of how the bowling might fail.

Election prediction:

Also called as the political forecasting.

It uses different methods,

  • Poll damping

Here the illogical and incorrect public opinions are ignored while calculating

  • Average pols

This includes average poll results by combining all of them

  • Nomenclature

It uses different nomenclatures for prediction.


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