Why Periodontal Maintenance Is Crucial For Health

Have you ever seen your grandparents without teeth? Don’t you think, they find it difficult to eat and even speak? Without teeth, there aren’t only aesthetic issues, but general health is also compromised. Thus, periodontal maintenance and immediate attention to any gum or teeth problems are necessary in order to ascertain dental health.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, about 80% of the Americans face some kind of gum disease in their lives. Nearly 50% of these issues are moderate to severe. Among all those periodontal or gum diseases, periodontitis is the most common one. Periodontitis is a serious condition that not only affects your dental health but overall health, in general.


Gum disease is an illness that impacts periodontal tissues. It influences the alveolar bone, periodontal tendon, cementum, and periodontal line. Gum illnesses are classified into two categories, namely gingivitis and periodontitis. They are very usual and impact a large number of people. If left unchecked or neglected, the infection can spread to the bone and can even cause the loss of cells. In such instances, the periodontal disease treatment Houston becomes necessary else, the teeth will need to be drawn out.

A periodontal treatment includes regenerative or restorative treatments as well as surgeries. The surgical treatment is utilized when it is thought that regenerative or restorative procedures will not function. The objective of the treatment is to remove the microorganisms that are causing the infection. If the illness is in the first stages, it can be effectively dealt with by utilizing antibiotics. Correct dental health is very important throughout the whole treatment procedure. If discovered early, periodontal maintenance can be easily achieved by keeping great dental health. Scaling and Root Planing is the most common treatment approach used in periodontal treatment.

  • Scaling and Root Planing is a common therapy procedure which is utilized to deal with gum disease. Scaling is carried out to remove the plaque and calculus from the teeth. The plaque layer is mechanically removed from the teeth. Ultrasonic instruments might be utilized to eliminate the infection. Root planing is done to smoothen the roots to help your gums re-attach to your teeth.

Depending on the level of infection, the treatment procedure will vary. Normally, four checkouts are needed. When it comes to extreme gum illness, there may be a loss of bone cells as a result of the spread of infection. The operation may be a lot more intrusive as well as in case of substantial damages to the bone cells, bone grafting might be needed.

  • Maintenance of correct dental hygiene is an important part of the therapy procedure. This is called periodontal maintenance. It is likewise extremely necessary to visit a periodontal dentist near me once in every three months for a diagnosis. Regular professional teeth cleanings are also needed to stop the bacteria from repopulating the cells. If the infection is identified in the first phases, the treatment alternatives are a lot more effective. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the periodontal dentist for frequent checkups even after periodontal treatment.

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