Why Ordinary Portland Cement Is a Good Choice for Heavy Defence Structures

Why Ordinary Portland Cement Is a Good Choice for Heavy Defence Structures

Cement has been used for construction purposes since ancient times. Its durability and strength make it one of the most important components for building structures. In this blog, we will try to understand why Ordinary Portland Cement makes for a good choice when it comes to heavy defence structures. 

Ordinary Portland Cement is widely used mainly for its properties. This cement has impressive binding properties, which makes it apt for heavy structures. Furthermore, OPC from reliable cement manufacturing units like Wonder Cement, also assures the longevity of heavy structures. 

In simple terms, OPC comes in the form of a fine powder which is then mixed with water and becomes a binding element at construction sites. This cement has adhesive properties which make it significant for heavy structures too. 

To understand why Ordinary Portland Cement is chosen for heavy defence structures, we must learn about its properties and characteristics. 

Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement

1. Early strengthening properties

Most defence structures require speedy construction due to security reasons. Additionally, the sites are often situated at risky altitudes and landscapes which means the construction deadlines cannot be ignored. With the help of Ordinary Portland Cement, it is possible to complete the construction process within the given time frame because this cement provides strength to the build up right from the beginning. 

2. Resistance to cracks and shrinkage

One of the most important points to consider when constructing heavy defence structures is to see whether it is strong enough to resist cracks and shrinkage. Ordinary Portland Cement has the strength to withstand these building errors and is, therefore, the right choice for such structures. 

3. Easy for handling and setting

Unlike other cement types, Ordinary Portland Cement is easy to handle and set. It hardly requires any specific methods to set and can be done by any construction worker without specific skills. This speeds up the process and helps abide by the construction deadlines too. Moreover, the handling costs of the OPC are not pocket heavy which further lowers the overall budget making it the right choice. 

4. Low heat hydration

Using Ordinary Portland Cement from trusted cement manufacturing units such as WCL can help reduce the risk of thermal cracking. OPC generates low heat of hydration which is the heat released when water is added to the cement. 

Make sure to focus on the quality of the cement before finalising it. The cement manufacturing unit you rely on must be capable of providing you with the required quantities and must have reliable logistics! 

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