Why Ophthalmic Business is Growing in India?

Why Ophthalmic Business is Growing in India?

The ophthalmic business primarily deals in business related to different eye conditions as well as diseases related to the eye. It includes medicines related to the surgery, treatment of eye disorder. Around 30% of the blind population of the world is present in India some are blind due to cataract, others due to glaucoma or retinal diseases. Indian economy is one the fastest growing economy along with development in the economy, there has been a rise in the demand for better quality pharma products considering the rising awareness among the masses.

Ophthalmic Business offers to be a profitable venture with a lot of opportunities to an individual to open their horizon and earn good profit margins. Ophthalmic deals with eye range. It is one of the most sensitive and the most important part of the body responsible for vision. Dealing in a wide range of ophthalmic range should be done with complete precautions from both the buyer and seller. 

Eyeris Vision Care 'leading eye drop franchise company in India, shares you insight to ophthalmic drug market and its business opportunities. 

Current Scenario Promoting Need for Better Ophthalmic Drugs

The Indian population includes a major portion of middle and lower-class people. The possibility that these people may suffer from eye issue in greater proportion than the rich class due to a number of factors like job environment, habits, eating disorder. Here are a few figures that will make the picture of the eye-related issues clearer.

  • The possibility of dry eye disease is greatly influenced and range from 5% to 35 %.
  • Ocular Trauma is believed to be prevalent among the unskilled and semi-skilled workers, socio-economic classes.
  • The possibility that the diabetic retinopathy (DR) is 56% in type1 diabetic and 30.3% in type 2 diabetes.
  • Cataract is one of the major eye-related issues that is very common and usually treated with cataract surgery, it is witnessed at old age and deals with blurry vision.

Scope of Ophthalmic Business

India is positioned to be the second most populated country after China. Earlier people had no access to so much information regarding eye treatment and nor was the circumstances in favor. But with the changing times, people are getting more aware of their rights also the government was not supporting ideally. But now, the pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid speed and is expected to rise with double digits. Breaking the barrier, new technology has helped many people avail of the beauty of seeing the world with their eyes.

The ophthalmic range is a blessing and will have even greater demand considering the stress among the masses, increasing the prevalence of eye diseases, growing awareness, unmet medical needs, rising competition, huge research funding in ophthalmology, market players, improving the regulatory framework. Good eye care can lead to increase by over 30% incomes and by 25% productivity. The government is continuously putting efforts to fuel the growth of the ophthalmic drug market making it the best opportunity to invest.

Eyeris Vision Care 'Pharma Franchise Company in India

Eyeris Vision Care is one of the trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to ophthalmic range. We deliver fine quality products that are very effective and that too at genuine prices. All our products fulfill the required industry standards. The drug formulations are manufactured in the best facilities and we ensure that the products are delivered to the customer on time. Our organization believes it to be a very significant segment and therefore we are supported by teams of professionals in each department. They help us in bringing the best for you and your eye. Along with it, we provide a number of other benefits such as low investment Pharma franchise opportunity involving low risk and high-profit margins. If you wish to join hands, let us now. You can visit our website and know more.


The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a good rate and is expected to do well in the coming future. The need for pharma products can never come to an end, as it is the industry which fulfills the basic necessity of medicine for the human being. The eye is an integral part of the body that cannot be compromised upon. In times of competition the people are supposed to work hard and with that, there is a loss of vision due to various reasons. Hope you have a great journey in the pharmaceutical industry. Eyeris Vision Care is the best Pharmaceuticals Company to offer you Pharma franchise pan India. 

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