Why is it advisable to have SOC services?

Why is it advisable to have SOC services?

A streamlined security operation centre (SOC) acts as a central nervous system of an efficient cybersecurity plan. It serves as a hub of entity-wide detection and response to the capabilities of the people who are stopping cyber attack within the organization. SOC services responsibilities vary from organization to organization. The SOC has three-folds of working.


     Integrate and correlate log data from network and cloud across the company.

     Harmonize the analysis of alerts from the data.

     Arranging the incident according to the alert.


Companies should have effective coordination from the SOC due to the relentless attacks of their environment which are as follows :


     Cyberattacks caused 7,000 breaches in 2019 and exposed 15.1 billion records.

     The standard cost of a data breach is now $3.92 million.

     It takes 279 days to determine and contain breech

     86% of the organizations feel it is important to have SOC services as security to cyberattack.


Objectives To have any modern SOC services


There are few reasons to define the objective to have SOC services for an organization which are as follows:


  1. Reduction in response time: The primary objective to have a SOC is to stimulate the pace at which the analyst can detect the threat and scrutinize the associated activities.
  2. Decreasing the breach impact: Yet another objective is to cut down the risk of the organization. The effective set up of the SOC activities based on some factors such as vulnerabilities in assets and threat intelligence about the threat.
  3. Boosting Security visibility: SOC operators can determine the attack against them. SOC can help in expanding security visibility and responding to incident coverage by establishing inventories in organizational assets.
  4. Staying ahead of attackers: SOC objective is to go ahead of the reactive incident response and aim to evolve activities to include proactive hunting against them.


Hence, there are few points which defines why it is important to have modern SOC services to prevent the organization from the cyber attack.

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