Why HR Is Important For Every Organisation

Why HR Is Important For Every Organisation

If your organisation has jobvacancies for freshers or has a need of developing training programs in order to integrate new employees into the organisation, how would you go about managing it? This is where having an internal HR team or outsourcing your requirements to specialists can come in handy.

The HR or human resources department of an organisation is significant in a number of different areas, ranging from company image to strategic planning. If you hire HR professionals with proper experience in your company, they could take care of a number of important services pertaining to your employees. The extent of influence and control that an experience HR practitioner can wield in an organisation can ultimately lead to a better workplace experience for your employees while at the same time helping you to strengthen business operations. Let’s take a look at a few areas that can be impacted positively by a good HR professional.

Strategic Management

 An experienced HR professional understands the co-relation between human capital (i.e. the investment you have made in your workforce) and company success, which can have a direct impact on your organisations bottom line. HR leaders with a background in strategic management can involve themselves into the corporate decision making process with respect to staffing requirements and future workforce projections based on current growth and business demand.

Wages and Salaries

HR professionals who have prior experience as compensation specialists can establish structures within your organisation that set wages that are highly competitive with respect to similar businesses in the industry or area. For example, if you run an IT firm in Mumbai, you need to make sure that your wage structures are comparative or better than other IT jobs in Mumbai. This will give you an edge over rival businesses when competing for employees with a similar set of skills. Your HR team will be asked with the responsibility of conducting studies related to wages or salaries so that the compensation costs of your firm can be maintained in sync with your company’s current projected revenue and financial status.

Analysing Benefits

Certain company costs can turn cumbersome after a period of time such as replacing existing employees, attrition and turnover related costs. HR professionals who are considered as benefits specialists can be particularly useful to your organisation in such situations. They possess the skills required to broker collective benefit packages for employees while remaining within your company’s current economic conditions and budget. They will also be familiar with employee benefit packages that have a greater chance of attracting or retaining employees.  

Risk and Safety Management

Every employer is duty bound towards providing a safe and secure workplace environment. Risk management and workplace safety specialists can ensure that your company remains compliant with all the state guidelines. They can also promote safety awareness by conducting programs or workshops that provide demonstrations/training exercises to employees who have to handle hazardous chemicals or work with potentially dangerous equipment.

Training and Development

HR specialists with a background in training and development will manage orientation of new employees with the organisation, which is an essential step in developing a strong employee-employer relationship. The training programme devised for new employees will also cover fair and transparent employment practices.

Employee Satisfaction

HR practitioners with expertise in employee relations will helprnboost morale and satisfaction levels in your organisation, which will ultimately lead to high performance levels amongst your workforce. They will conduct focus groups or opinion surveys to seek feedback from the employees of your organisation, in order to devise ways to establish good employeernrelationships and a positive workforce atmosphere. 

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