Why Does Escalator Have Brush? -AOQUN

Why Does Escalator Have Brush? -AOQUN

On June 9th, our customer service received a consultation from Mr. Li: “Why does escalator have brush? Is it urgent to use, how long can you ship the goods? I am the project leader of a newly built entertainment city contractor. At the time of acceptance, the escalator wasn’t mounted with brush, and it was told that we should install a qualified escalator brush within 7 days without affecting the acceptance. I did not expect this small brush to affect my entire project.”

Our business manager immediately replied to Mr. Li: “We have 15 production lines with a daily production capacity of 60,000 meters. The quality of our products has also been tested by large companies such as Hitachi, KONE, Schindler, etc., and it is fully capable of meeting your requirements. Why does escalator have brush? This is the national standard GB16899-2011. Escalators and automatic pedestrian walkways must be installed with a safety brush before running.”

After that, Mr. Li successfully placed 800 meters orders and thanked him after 5 days: “Now all the projects have been delivered on time, thanks to your help. I am very grateful to your manager for explaining in detail why does escalator have brush. “

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