Why Do You Plan Family-Friendly Luxury Kenya Wildlife Tours?

It’s said that the concept of the safari holiday experience comes to life in Kenya. The word “Safari” stems from local Swahili dialect for “Journey”. However, luxury Kenya wildlife yours are no such ordinary journey. Here you’ll find wildlife roaming around the grassy open plains in front of snow capped mountains, spectacular natural contrasts with ultimate luxury and adventure combines we;; with a relaxing stay at the beach.

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Kenya is the perfect blend of wildlife, natural beauty and value that has seen Kenya flourish amazingly to justify its position as one of the best known safari holiday destinations around the world.

In short and simple words, Kenya is a cocktail of scenic and diverse beauty, indigenous wildlife, pristine coastline, exceptional culture and value for money. Are you thinking of planning a Kenya wildlife safari package that is suitable for your family? Here are a few reasons why booking luxury Kenya wildlife tours make sense:

  1. White Sandy beaches

There are so many beaches in Kenya and a beach break can be combined with luxury Kenya wildlife safari tours to enjoy the best of both worlds. It can make a great change of scene, especially for kids, to make sure no one can get bored ever.
2. Rich Culture

From Kisumu to Mombasa, Kenya is the home to so many different cultures. Teaching both children and adult about different tribes and their traditions is an important aspect of every vacation.


  1. Tailor-made Tour Itineraries

You know your family the best and you can take advantage of custom-tailored packages including activities specifically for your family. This means, you get to choose the activities based on your family fitness levels.

  1. Quality Time with Family

Spending quality time with family is often a main priority on a safari holiday and learning from your tour guides as a family is a perfect way of strengthening bonds. You can’t put a price tag on quality time and it’s an amazing way to know your kids better as well as see how they behave in different scenarios.


  1. Good Food and Accommodation

A good quality accommodation is a must when you take Kenya wildlife safari with family. There’s ample choice of places to stay – from exclusive tented camps to luxury lodges. All the rooms are often designed with comfort in mind and safari tents are usually spaced far apart to ensure privacy. Major number of hotels has experienced cooks, and with so many cuisines on offer, you are spoilt for choice.

  1. Friendly people

Kenya has some of the friendliest people around the world and you will feel welcome from the minute you touch down. You will meet smiling people who are easy to work with and you will hear the word “Jambo” all around you. When you find friendly local people, everything seems to flow naturally.


  1. Weather

Likewise people, the weather of Kenya is absolutely amazing. Kenya is located on the equator that means the temperature remains consistent all year round. You don’t require a jacket even during winter unless you want to climb Mount Kenya.

Bottom Line –

What’s your thought about luxury Kenya safari tours? Start booking your Kenya wildlife safari today through Best Camping Tours & Safaris! We’ll help you get covered. Feel free to share your views or suggestions in the comment section or Facebook page or Twitter feed!

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