Why do you need a Production Company?

Why do you need a Production Company?

Why does your Business or Organisation need a Production Company?


Nowadays, people love watching content whether feature films or short videos. With access to film and video everywhere at any time, people seem to be watching online content at every opportunity. Netflix users watch 140 million hours of content per day and 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. It is no surprise then that, businesses and organisations now use video to promote their services and products.  


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A great, high-quality short film is likely to cost you more to produce than an advert in the paper or a DIY film, however, unlike a newspaper advert, it won't be put in the bin the next day.  A DIY film may seem like a great idea if you don't have a lot of funds or are a small company but remember that film will still be online for people to watch in years to come so you have to ensure it portrays your brand in the correct way.  There are also millions of films for people to watch, so you need to ensure that your film is actually worth watching and can compete with the competition.

A production company like STROMA Films in Edinburgh will create a crafted, high-quality film with a compelling narrative that will help sell your products and services.  They have the skills and experience to create documentaries, adverts, promotional and 'how to' films and online videos.   They work closely with their clients to ensure all the films they create reflect the company or organisations style and brand. 


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